Microsoft's One Success

The next generation of Microsoft’s video game console, the Xbox One, is scheduled for release later this year. The Xbox One will ship with upgraded hardware, a new operating system, and a host of new features and services.

Several of these new features are controversial, including a requirement that the Xbox be connected to the internet while playing a game, even if the game does not require an internet connection. The Xbox will also ship with a new version of the Kinect that includes a microphone that stays on even when the Xbox is asleep, so that you can wake it up via voice commands.

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jaredhart2019d ago

Hopefully, for the sake of the future of console gaming, the Xbox One is not a success.

Commandar_Shepard2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

What disgusts me the most is MS's reaction to their criticisms, instead of removing or lessening the issues here (24 hour check in, used game restrictions, Kinect required) they engage in shady practices such as paying companies to not show 3rd party games on the PS4, not air the Sony conference on SPIKE, and canceling interviews to avoid questioning.

Despicable, and this is coming from somebody who put 13 days into Halo Reach.

Count2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Canceling interviews to avoid questioning? You're right! That is despicable.

''paying companies not to show 3rd party games on Ps4''

Can you prove this?

justastranger102018d ago

Sony has done far worse. They hired fake reviewers to rate their products favorably. They also put actual malware to spy on people's PCs. Rather than worrying what MS will do, look at what Sony has actually done. I think the public backlash against Sony is why they have lost billions of dollars.

Commandar_Shepard2018d ago

@Count, it's another rumor but keep in mind, ever MS rumor regarding the Xbone has been true so far:

kneon2018d ago

Years ago some label within the Sony music division put out CDs with a rootkit, and you're still going on about this like it was some evil plot from on high at Sony?

How about Coca Cola, Ford, GM, Texaco, IBM, Bayer etc. that all collaborated with the Nazi's, are you still upset about that as well?

Stop treating a company like a person, eventually some group within every company will screw up, it's inevitable. It doesn't mean the entire company is out to get you.

pompombrum2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

@justastranger10 Skype says hello!

Regardless of spyware and fake reviewers and stuff, Microsoft's cancellation of interviews speaks louder than any words from anyone on here imho.

deno2018d ago

They will be in third place this generation. I hope the xbox one actually does fail, because if it doesn't then gaming will shrink and become a burden.

justastranger102018d ago

MS still plans to have interviews. Some were cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.

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4Sh0w2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

No, just no. You cant speak for everyone anymore than I can but, 24hr check -I have internet not a problem, Kinect -More options for games I want new ways to interact, glad its included instead of an add on so devs can take full advantage of Kinect2, privacy settings let you turn it off, shady practices -These are not solely something microsoft hss done, if you dont think both have backroom deals you are naive, Spike -you're making accusations with no evidence, canceling interviews -they canceled and then put out a detailed description of their policies for X1, plus if you think there wont be interviews after E3 the again you're being naive.

fermcr2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Do you own your apple (iphone or ipad) games ? Do you own your XBLA/PSN games ? Do you own your steam games ? Do you own your origin games? Can you resell any of those games ?

Seriously, these articles are starting to scream fanboyism all over. Microsoft didn't invent DRM for games... they simply implemented it to the next level with the X1. DRM for games has existed for quite some time...

If you interested in the X1, then buy it... if not, don't buy it. Simple as that. I'm not interested in the X1, but I'm not going to get pissed if someone else purchases it.

What i expect is the European Union prohibiting these policies from every company: Microsoft with the X1, Sony's PS4, Steam, Origin, etc... but the European Union hasn't done nothing until now.

If I purchase a game, i can do the hell i want with it !!!

SniperControl2018d ago

Justastranger 10, another MS PR firm flunky by the look of it.

SpinalRemains2018d ago

Without a doubt.

His comments resemble dictation from a MS executive.

He may be the worst shill I've ever seen. Its just blatantly obvious.

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urwifeminder2018d ago

I will do my bit to help make it a success love my ms games.

Angeljuice2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

You a free shill or a paid one?

P.S. Not 'your' ms games anymore, you just pay full retail to borrow them from Microsoft now!

Proeliator2018d ago

You've never actually owned your games, this is nothing new. Do your research.

grimmweisse2018d ago

Yes we all know we technically don't own the games we buy, but there has never been such draconian methods used to keep paying customers in check. Having the freedom to play a game offline or online, at home or take it to a friends house should not be restricted. And not restricted to bullahit 24 hour checks!

creatchee2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

For the love of all that is holy, will you people please stop using the word "draconian"??? First of all, 9 out of 10 are you are using it incorrectly. Second of all, I'm tired of seeing it come up. And finally, you're ruining a cool word by making it commonplace.

Just. Stop.

rainslacker2017d ago

Definition of draconian

rigorous; unusually severe or cruel

Now, the severity and cruelty of these policies are subjective, however in the matter of consumer rights, and ownership, the word does apply, because it is these polices which are severe or cruel to those that value those thing. DRM is often called a way to punish the honest consumer, and this is just punishing to those that actually support the industry.

So no, it's not being used inappropriately. If anything it will educate people on what the word means, because it's quite likely most people never bothered to look it up. I know I had to when it first started getting thrown around.

The fact you find the word "cool" is rather unsettling though, considering what it implies.

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Bhuahahaha2018d ago

lol not your game anymore you just renting it

WolfOfDarkness2018d ago

I wish if Microsoft success , but what we saw , what we heard , what we think , Xbox One not going to be a huge success , it depends on Sony and how it will use ps4 and how it will function PS4 DRM and 24/7 connectivity to the net , if Sony follow Microsoft Path , that's , mean both company's will succeed controlling Gamers and Force them to PAY Money ! We gamers don't have another chose to make , BUT ! If Sony wanted to classical path ( PS1/ PS2/ PS3 ) Then , Microsoft will lose next generation console war 100% . Lets just wish and hope that gamers still have a chance to take and that chance PS4 .

Jaqen_Hghar2018d ago

We know Sony won't require any online check in. Mark Cerney said so in an interview a week or so ago.

marchinggamer2018d ago

You do have a choice to make get a pc

muffinbutton2018d ago

Its very important that the XBone experiment fails horribly, to protect consumers rights

Angeljuice2018d ago

Broken UI, broken OS, downclocked gpu, Restrictions bordering on insanity, overheating issues, loss of majority of fanbase, poor yields, bad architecture

Surely thats a perfect recipe for success, no?

GodGinrai2018d ago

While I agree that MS has dug themselves a hole...broken OS? overheating? you say that like you have a XBone..which has not even been released. Bad architecture? runs on AMD parts like the PS4 (same CPU)... unerpowered next to PS4 yes but bad architecture? you dont know what your talking about.

Count2018d ago

Yes, his comment was less about what it is and more about what he wants it to be.

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