Ubisoft: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Patch in Development

Ubisoft today confirmed on their community forums that a patch to fix the Private First Class achievement in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is in development. The achievement doesn't unlock because players who have a Rainbow Six: Vegas (One) save file, receive a bonus which takes the total XP to a rank above Private First Class.

Ubisoft also said they are looking into reported online issues but those issues seem to be more PlayStation 3 based. No specific release date for the patch was announced but Ubisoft have said that "the connection issues have not been known for as long and will require more indepth research to establish what the issue is".

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UnblessedSoul3769d ago

This game is a waste, COD4>this piece of shiit, Ubisoft can't make any multiplatform game good

Jack Meahoffer3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Before you Sony fanboys release its not LAZY developers. You get what you pay for with a free service. It SUCKS. You will always get crap online functionality out the box just like COD4 before it and many others. No in game chat. No in game friend management AND on top games don't even fracking work on day one.

Wait till GTA IV doesn't work online on day one for PS3. Will Rockstar be lazy too just because PSN infastrucure is weak?

Sony fanboys are full excuses. Anything thing is better than actually questioning the almight Sony right? Blind followers. This is just another example and it will continue.

WAIT B3YOND. Someday you'll be able to play online like the 360 players... Someday.

wulan3769d ago

so it is not just confined to PS3.

blame ubisoft not "difficult to program for" outcry

Martini3769d ago

Yeah you are comparing "some" stats tracking oddity to a fully blown problem with the ps3 version, nice try but you loose. Ps 3 is the one with problems, 360 works like a dream :)

PS360WII3769d ago

another loss for online patching. See how easy it is for devs to release an incomplete game because they know all they have to do is fix it later after you spent the 60 bucks

heihoosilver3769d ago

of the patch thing. in the good times of games(genesis, snes)there´s no patchs but the games came out in most cases good, now they release a game with patches in mind. some day we will buy a game only with the intro, them we have a patch to level one, one week later a patche to level two, etc.... were going back.

eddierivera3769d ago

They are working on a 360 achievments patch before they fix the ps3's online problems. Im officially trading this game in for store credit. I cant believe they are saying they are not aware of any ps3 online problems,, they must think we are retarded cause we dont have video game development degrees. I will never ever buy another ubi game, or anything that has Tom Clancy on it.

Its funny though, that they would rather fix the achievments. Lord only knows how important that is to the 360 gamers. But what I dont get is why they are so spiteful towards the ps3. It was not even a port. So there was a separate team that made it. Oh well. I suggest everyone who owns a ps3 to take pride in their system, and please stop supporting these companies that evidently mess up our gaming experiance on purpose,, and lets not forget how they judge our intelect. Screw Ubi, Im not even mad, cause I got other games that are way better.

Relcom3769d ago

I want to play it online cause its really fun but, i can't get in a damn game for nothing.

Martini3769d ago

I see you guys are enjoying your free online service.
You get what you pay for....

eddierivera3769d ago

Every other game ive ever played on my ps3 runs fine except for R6V2. Its cause of people like you , that hate the ps3, and jealous that its so much better than the 360. Tell me,, have you ever played a game on the ps3? Probably not, your spite probably doesnt allow you to. Oh well, Im glad that your not on the psn. I would hate to be in contact with a piece of crap. No wonder you like the 360 so much. 2 pieces of crap together make for one big turd. Actually your more like Diareaha, you run your mouth alot so it suits you just fine.

Jack Meahoffer3769d ago

We can see why you have 1 bubble can't we. Dirty mouth on you little one...

To answer your question... Yes. I've played games online on PS3. I own a 60gb PS3 from launch. Amazing huh? Someone could actually question and complain about Sony and own thier console? Its a crazy isn't it... Someone owns a PS3 without blindly following them and swinging from thier nuts like you...

Yes I've played COD4 online with my friends that only have a PS3. Gameflyed it. I have to tell you calling each other on the phone to setup online matches is GREAT FUN. Very next generation I tell you.

I heard a rumor Sony's in game voice chat update will be discounts on prepaid phone cards! lol

Try again little man. You can't assume anything about me. I'm knowledgable. I play all three systems so I know what I'm talking about unlike you and your blind Sony followers.

Have fun NOT playing R6V2 online on your future proof console. LOL

wulan3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

so why rant??

with 70% defect rate and no decent game you BOTS still rant?

Rb6 2 has issues on x360 too

Now what about that ??

the real big hit multiplat games like Burnout/dmc4/cod4 are all running and looking better on PS3

repair your RROD BOX xbot before even ranting here


i am sure this guy is just another account of MART aka POG

Jack Meahoffer3769d ago

My 360 works like a champ and has NEVER had a problem EVAR! so HA!

Second the PS3 version of COD4 was broken on day one also. Nice try.

Just get used to it. Every single third party game going to PS3 will have broken online functionality on day one.

And COD4 and DMC4 look exactly the same on both consoles. Maybe you're thinking of that 21 minutes FORCED installation cut scene on DMC4 making you think it was better looking. LOL


wulan3769d ago


keep dreaming MART

cuz dreams are just what you have now .

GT5/GTA/MGS4 ----is there any doubt x360 wont be dead after the launch of gt5 in europe and mgs4/gta in usa??

even bill's own x360 died a month after purchase

I have already complained to DUSTY about MART aka POG's ACTIVE duplicate accounts. i hope you just dont become a casualty.

x360 works like a champ???u mean champs have 70% defect rates?

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