Day one must-have games of PS4

Six of the best games on the new PS4 Console

So want to know which top 5 games you should pre-order or buy as soon as they come out in the next-gen console? We have picked our day one 5 must-have games for PS4 which we think will make full use of the next-generation Radeon-based graphics engine.

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Sharius1956d ago

everything but call of duty and Fifa

FPS and sport not my taste

US8F1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Don't be blinded by being too biased. If the game is good and it is available for your system, go ahead and buy it. Unless you don't want to support a company then that's your choice. Just like me, I'm forbidding myself of everything Microsoft after they gave me the middle finger. But I can't deny halo and gears of wars success and enjoyment because when something is good, I will admit it.

As for must have games for launch, I bet it's too early, I mean e3 is tomorrow and they announce new AAA titles for launch, you might cater to those new titles more, that's why this topic should have been after E3 and not before.

WolfOfDarkness1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Hello , every gamer have his own taste , I respect your taste , but remember FPS and Sports is really about gaming and has a lot of a
Fans all over the world ...

I play all kind of games , even porn games , just kidding ;)

badz1491955d ago

must have games for PS4 and ALL are multiplats? like...seriously?

CoD over KZSF? a year old Diablo 3? and after the hugely disappointing AC3, AC4 is a day 1 now? FIFA14?? LOL there will be more people online on the PS3 version, so why even bother buying a slightly 'upgraded' next-gen version with less people online? the true next-gen FIFA will be FIFA15, NOT 14!

I think this is titled "...of PS4" and then list all multiplats for a reason! HITS!! damn I was trapped to give my click to the website! don't be fooled people!

KillrateOmega1956d ago

No inFAMOUS: Second Son or Killzone: Shadow Fall? :(

KillrateOmega1956d ago

To each their own, I suppose.

Muerte24941955d ago

you checked in with your console? you know, before it ceases to actually be a console. All these games will be available on Xbox One and the current generation. None of these justify upgrading to next gen. Killzone: SF, Infamous:SS, and DriveClub are but a few that actually warrant people's attention towards next gen.

For me, I'm definitely buying Killzone day one

Foxgod1955d ago

Thief and Watchdogs for me.

Commandar_Shepard1955d ago

They won't be out on Day 1. Thief comes out next year and Warch Dogs comes out November 19, which will obviously be at least a few weeks after launch.

Foxgod1955d ago

They are in the article, dont ask me why.

creatchee1955d ago


I thought that a launch date has been not confirmed for PS4 yet.

Baka-akaB1955d ago

There isnt even a date yet , just a vague launch windows , so no i dont see how you can claim that

Commandar_Shepard1955d ago

MS will no doubt get the X1 out before or at the release of CoD Ghosts and Sony cant let them have a big head start. CoD, like it or not, is the biggest franchise in gaming, so Sony needs to release the PS4 around November 5 capitalize on the popularity of CoD since many gamers won't wait to get it.

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mrmancs1955d ago

I want all the first day games.. Just couldn't afford it lol.

GodGinrai1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

KZ:shadow fall and the witness... And probably a few PSN goodies.

Edit: and a descent headset for online antics.

Edit: and seeing as it will be around xmas.. a partridge in a pair tree.

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