Bioware Writer Explains How to Get a Job Writing Games

Former Bioware Writer Drew Karpyshyn talks about what's like to work in the industry and how anyone with drive can earn a living writer in gaming.

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Saints942012d ago

That Kotor pic made me happy then the title made me sad :(

Saints942012d ago

More like LucaArts, there is actually a chance Kotor could come back.... even more so with the fact EA did actually make a mmo in that universe. Still a small chance though.

UNGR2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

If it's from Drew, take it. But then again prepare to have any creativity you have to be sucked out of you like they did to Drew's Mass Effect.

PureSophistry2012d ago

EVERYONE! Listen and THEN complain about it.

He talks about the process, not nearly as oppressive as you may imagine

Stoppokingme2012d ago

Anyone could get a job writing for infinity ward.

Terrorists + WMDs + Russians = any Modern Warfare campaign.

But I will admit they've shaken things up for ghosts, now it's terrorists + WMDs + a doggie.

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