The Best and Worst of Sony at E3

With what is possibly the most anticipated E3 since it began in 1995 on the horizon, here at PSU we thought it would be nice to take a trip down memory lane and look at the best, and worst, of what Sony has brought to the E3 party over the years. There have been cheers, gasps, meltdowns and countless .gifs along the way and now let's look back at this glorious time of the year for gaming, along with the passionate love (and sometimes hate) for PlayStation.

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Bluepowerzz1955d ago

this title makes it seem like the guy saw e3 allready what u smokign sharrre dat

CaEsAr-1955d ago

You didn't even bother to see the article did you?

Bluepowerzz1955d ago

naa bro im playing ps3 dont have time fo dat

CaEsAr-1954d ago

Lol but you had time to right that comment! damn :D

lucaskeller11955d ago

its ridge racer! riddgeeeee raceerrrrrrr!

WeAreLegion1955d ago

It's always fun to look back through these. :) I love that a couple of years ago, Jack Tretton and Kaz Hirai were joking about past E3's.