What is Limbo Like On PS Vita?

Limbo is a fun puzzle platform game that was originally released back in 2010. It was originally only released for on XBLA before getting ported to many other platforms. This year however, the game finally goes portable as Limbo is now available to purchase and download on the PS Vita.

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PersonMan1895d ago


It's exactly like all the other versions. Same exact game... smaller screen.

Salooh1894d ago

Except that you can play it anywhere you want ^^ . I love it :D .

PersonMan1894d ago

Except that the game itself is exactly the same.

Salooh1894d ago

Person. I know what you mean but It's just a port. Just like a Xbox live port and pc port. Do you expect a different version of far cry 3 in xbox360 from ps3 version ?. It's not a remake or a sequel to be different.

Skynetone1895d ago

if the pacing was better, it would have been a classic

it went from hard to next to impossible on the first level

loved all the puzzles very well done

jon12341895d ago

im debating on getting this... but i think ill get murumasa instead

tubers1894d ago

For the VITA?

Totally different price points.

r211894d ago

Well if you've already play Limbo then just buy Muramasa Rebirth. If you havent, you can try the Limbo demo on vita to see what its all bout.

sdozzo1895d ago

Like An Overpriced Version Of Something That Has Been Out For Two Years.

TongkatAli1895d ago

Agree, should have been priced like Machinarum.

sdozzo1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

yes. totally agreed. $5 and I'm in. $10... cmon now.

karl1895d ago

is it available on the ps3?

B_Rian891895d ago

yup. and it supports cross buy for PS3 & Vita

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