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Beyond: Two Souls Steelbook Packaging Final Design

Check out this steelbook from Beyond: Two Souls (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3, Quantic Dream)

tarbis  +   636d ago
Daym, that steelbook is beautiful.
abzdine  +   636d ago
wow just wow! one more amazing game coming to PS3 this year
GamerzElite  +   636d ago
BEYOND Two Souls In game CG From Tribeca Film Festival

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Omran  +   636d ago
Bring The Game only
I hope Quantic dream revealed
new game for the PS4
despair  +   636d ago
quite a nice steelbook case, but I'll settle for normal one since I don't order from Gamestop.
PsnGammer21  +   636d ago
Why not ?
despair  +   636d ago
I don't live in the US but order pretty much all my games through Amazon, but the one time I tried to use Gamestop online store I got some issues with payment and then shipping, it was a hassle, but that was years ago so who knows might try it again.
PsnGammer21  +   634d ago

Well that's why bro, the online store sucks I will admit that. But if your in store most times your going get great service. This also had been my experiences though.
karl  +   636d ago
didnt know Willem dafoe was in this game...

i love to see great actors get into gaming and take it seriously ... im sure the result will be great.
sly-Famous  +   636d ago
A game to rival TLOU?

Time will tell.
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Adexus  +   636d ago
I hope we'ell get this one in the UK, the one Amazon has looks nice but it doesn't look as nice as this one.
Mr_Nuts  +   636d ago
They always have to ruin Steelbooks with text like "Special Edition"...I hope thats the outer sleeve
DigitalRaptor  +   636d ago
That just looks tacky. I'd rather they use the original artwork and remove the 'special edition'.

The special edition for Heavy Rain was much better.
SOULJER  +   636d ago
That will go great with the rest of my steelbook collection.

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