Beyond: Two Souls Steelbook Packaging Final Design

Check out this steelbook from Beyond: Two Souls

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tarbis1930d ago

Daym, that steelbook is beautiful.

abzdine1930d ago

wow just wow! one more amazing game coming to PS3 this year

GamerzElite1929d ago

BEYOND Two Souls In game CG From Tribeca Film Festival

Omran1930d ago

Bring The Game only
I hope Quantic dream revealed
new game for the PS4

despair1930d ago

quite a nice steelbook case, but I'll settle for normal one since I don't order from Gamestop.

despair1929d ago

I don't live in the US but order pretty much all my games through Amazon, but the one time I tried to use Gamestop online store I got some issues with payment and then shipping, it was a hassle, but that was years ago so who knows might try it again.

PsnGammer211928d ago


Well that's why bro, the online store sucks I will admit that. But if your in store most times your going get great service. This also had been my experiences though.

karl1930d ago

didnt know Willem dafoe was in this game...

i love to see great actors get into gaming and take it seriously ... im sure the result will be great.

sly-Famous1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

A game to rival TLOU?

Time will tell.

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