SGNL chats with Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai at D11

Last week, we collected questions from you guys via Twitter and Facebook for a personal interview with Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai. Check out this video to hear Kazuo's responses, covering a wide range of topics including our mobile products to Sony's innovation and even his thoughts on Kaz internet memes

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M-M2013d ago

He appreciates the memes, trust me Kaz there will be more to come =D.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2013d ago

Glad I could enlighten you all.

garos822012d ago

thank you kaz for taking time for one on one interviews with the mere public mortals..

Majin-vegeta2013d ago

He's So relaxed,chilled and confident.You should have gotten him a beer :D.

husomc2013d ago

sounds like sony's got a google glass type device in the works

LeRise2012d ago

AIBO dogbots were great! I wish Sony had focused on physical hi-end electronic toys too...

RedHawkX2012d ago

i think them is in call of duty ghost now

husomc2012d ago

u mean call of doodie ?

ErcsYou2013d ago

Yo Kaz, how do you feel about the memes on the net about you?

"I think that uhh, especially with the PlayStation business uhh, i use to get that a lot as well uhh even when i was running PlayStation in the US"

LOL, Last Gen was Ruff for Kaz but he pulled through.

Bluepowerzz2012d ago

he is a legend i bowed down while watching this video

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The story is too old to be commented.