Daily Joystick E3 Game Expectations

Daily Joystick writes "Gamers, as we all know E3 is just days away and aside from all the new hardware talk the focus is also turned to the software front, ie games. Games sell systems folks and I can promise you a poor line up of games could indeed spell disaster for any of the big 3, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.
Today, the team here at Daily Joystick have put pen to paper and have come up with a list of the games were excited for at this years E3. Some may be announced, others may not be but either way, were going to share our hopes for E3 2013."

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urwifeminder2014d ago

Nice looking forward to Nintendo ,xboxone and pc reveals starts at 2.30 am here.

GenericNameHere2014d ago

This reminds me... I gotta create my Bingo card for all 4 conferences and Nintendo Direct! And I gotta decide what I'll treat myself with if I get a bingo for any of them :)

Monday feels so far away, and Friday even farther!! Eeeerrrrrggghhhh!

CaptainYesterday2013d ago

I really hope Dead Rising 3 isn't an Xbox One exclusive!