What We're Expecting From Sony's E3 Conference

The team at Press Start Australia got together to discuss what they think will come out of Sony's E3 conference.

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zeee2019d ago

All Sony gotta do is to have some suits walk to the stage. Stand there and simply say, "We are not going to do what our competition is doing. We will stick with the gamers and that means, there are no restriction on Used Game sales and usage. No once-in-24-hours-internet-chec k-in." or, if they are really smart, they can cut that crap and simply say, "Everything remains the same".

That's it. That's all they have to do. They will win the next-gen even before it starts.

Just like this gen, I was going to buy PS4 and XBox ONE. Day 1 was my plan but now that MS finally dropped the bombshell that I dreaded, I have absolutely no plan to buy Xbox One.

If, for some reason, SONY also joins the whole DRM, Used game restriction, I am going to build me a PC.

I don't care how the console(s) look. I care about how they function and how user-friendly they are. I will not pay for and support a company that is launching an anti-consumer product. Be it SONY or Microsoft.

If I paid full price for it, I own it. That's simple. Nobody tells me I can't sell what I own. You hear me MS, Sony? NOBODY!

Septic2019d ago

Okay so no need to show games or anything? Right....

GenericNameHere2019d ago

Games are IMPORTANT to a console's success, but announcing no DRM would give Sony praise from high heavens, and might cause problems for the Xboner.

sAVAge_bEaST2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

No pretty games,will persuade us ,.. to give up our rights.....

zeee2017d ago

Septic: Some people just don't get sarcasm these days now do they?

As for showing games. Sony's already shown more than MS so I am not sure why you are talking about games when it's in fact MS that needs to show SOMETHING other than multiplatform games.

nthstew2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

@zeee yeah like pc games are all DRM free ...
if in future every publisher uses Drm for Piracy issue i dont think they will leave behind PCs.....

FYI- I own both consoles and a high end Pc .In Pc you can rarely get retail disc and re-sale them since most people buy games digitally in Pcs and you cant re-sell what you bought digitally can you???

PsnGammer212019d ago

Also the physical disc come with one time use key code so u can't sell retail computer games

zeee2017d ago

I understand how digital sales work but would you please also tell us how much you pay for the same game that we pay on consoles? Steam sales are BRILLIANT! Game prices on consoles can't even compete with PC digital sales. So there is a huge difference right there. If MS and SONY decide to offer the same game in digital version for half the price, I'd jump on that too.

Bluepowerzz2019d ago

that was funny give the guy some credit

2019d ago
Protagonist2019d ago

I hope they have some cool surprises for the PS Vita and I can´t wait to see how the PS4 will look like.

DigitalRaptor2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

So they'll show loads and loads of games across: PS3, PS4, Vita.

GT6, Puppeteer, Rain, Tearaway etc.

SOE games like PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online.

Loads of indie games and lots of new IPs from studios like Sony San Diego, Santa Monica, Media Molecule etc.

Gameplay demos of games like inFamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, DriveClub etc.

There'll be megatons: Final Fantasy likely to be one of them. Perhaps The Last Guardian.

Someone unexpected on stage. Hint: a developer spokesperson, not Usher.

They will have to show their multimedia and OS features, and demonstrate them. It is necessary, and I'm interested to see them, but games will most definitely come first.

Post-conference: More gameplay demos, and clarification of their policies in round-table discussion and interviews - those they haven't cancelled due to damage control.

VonBraunschweigg2019d ago

A box, new games and some good ol' freedom.

LeRise2019d ago

A beautifully designed box, new big non-shooter games, and all the freedom that PS3 gave us.

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