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Submitted by Senyra 904d ago | news

Watch Dogs: ‘They Are Always Watching’

The storyline of Watch Dogs will present an alternative version of Chicago, Illinois, where a supercomputer known as CtOS (Central Operating System) will take control of basically every technological device in the city. Ubisoft published new content revealing the level of warfare lived in this upcoming version of Chicago. (PC, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Gandalf  +   904d ago
For a second there I thought it was talking about the Xbox One.
zeee  +   904d ago
** Watch Dogs: ‘They Are Always Watching’ **

Or listening? Get it? ;)

After this whole PRISM fiasco, I ain't ever gonna trust any of these tech giants who want to listen or watch us in our homes or tell us that we can't own copies of games that we PAID for!
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Chapter11  +   904d ago
Man, the meeting with Microsoft to bring it to Xbox One must have been awkward.
Revolver_X_  +   904d ago
Ubi- We have this idea for a game.

M$-*Listens* ...interesting.
aiBreeze  +   904d ago
Finally, a game Microsoft can stand up proud about and actually say it's better with kinect.. now you can feel like you're being watched while you play and unlike all the shovelware we've seen for kinect so far, this will actually add a whole new level of immersion.
ScepticTankAvenger  +   904d ago
The irony when your playing this on the xbone. Imagine, people who play this game, hack their first security camera...and then notice how the kinect is looking right at them.
isarai  +   904d ago
I came in here thinking i would be the only one to crack a joke about the kinect connection here, i was wrong. Touche' commentators, well played
Bathyj  +   904d ago
same exactly. turns out I'm no where near as original as I thought I was.
GribbleGrunger  +   904d ago
I wonder if someone will pick up the Kinect2, look into the lens and say 'You are NOT in control' Infamous: Second Son fashion
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Koyes  +   904d ago
I think MS took the idea for Watchdogs_ too literally and adopted it for themself
Bathyj  +   904d ago
Kinect jokes aside, how cool would it be if you had a side mission on Xbone where you had to hack into a video feed to find a witness marked for assassination and when you did the video was you? creepy but cool. then you hear a noise of footsteps in your rear speakers. I guarantee you'd jump and look behind you.
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KwietStorm  +   904d ago
reaper24  +   904d ago
The webcam in the screenshot above, filming the couple? The magic of kinect!
Senyra  +   904d ago
Watching your own enemies will be common and much more useful :P

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