The Last of Us gets the Bioshock Infinite Treatment - Shut Up Already

Have you ever listened to a podcast that spoiled a game for you? Kicks For Games knows how you feel. The Last of Us is already being spoiled and it hasn't even released yet.

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MooseWI2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Calm down. Can't get away from it. People do it all the time. I have had games spoiled numerous times. Not nice.

brodychet2013d ago

sigh, ending already spoiled for meh

TheDarpaChief2013d ago

Its the journey that matters with a game like the last of us. God forbid other games have something called character development. Well I hope you still enjoy it.

Transporter472013d ago

That's why you don't listen to a podcast about a game you haven't played. You have yourself to blame.

sir_fortesque2013d ago

But the game hasn't been released. So the only people talking about it are the professionals who should know not to talk spoilers.

Transporter472013d ago

this is IGN.... use your common sense..

Karpetburnz2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Lucky I havnt been reading comments on YouTube and other websites since all the reviews came in. But a few weeks ago I read 1 comment somewhere and this person was spoiling the end, I only read a little bit and I'm not even sure if it was legit.

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Dr Pepper2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

"So any podcast trying to add to the hype by telling the fans about it is doing it a disservice. I want to go into the game finding everything brand new. I don’t want to go into the game and think “oh so that’s what he was talking about”. I will say it again, Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!"

I wonder why one would be going around listening to gaming podcasts during the time that one of the year's biggest games is being reviewed/released (if they are so concerned about it being spoiled). If there is a game releasing that I am really excited for, I will stay away from gaming sites for a long time leading up to it and only return when I have finished it. As far as I know, nobody is making you listen to those podcasts.

Genki2013d ago

What is it with people and their neurotic fear of spoilers? Get a grip folks, it's just fiction, and it's just a hobby.

To insinuate that a spoiler 'ruins' anything is like saying that you can't play through the campaign of a good game more than once, which is utter nonsense.

Never in my life have I read a spoiler that RUINED anything; this is just one of those things that's pounded into people's heads since birth, and most never question it as they grow up. Spoilers don't ruin jack; grow up.

brodychet2013d ago

spoilers ruin the joy a game has to offer; and diminishes the value of your 60+ dollars. I don't see how you don't understand that. Sure it's fiction, but it's also my favorite form of art, and I'm not about to lie down and let someone blatantly ruin my favorite hobby.

Plus someone on this site ruined the ending of this game with one sentence. it's definitely possible. if you'd like to know what it is, just message me lol..

b777conehead2013d ago

then stay away from websites that mention it

TheDarpaChief2013d ago

My view on it is people just want to experience the moment for themselves. Put this into perspective, lets say your favorite team was in the superbowl and you were really excited for them to win. Would you rather know the outcome before hand or experience the euphoria of that victory as a surprising moment. I rest my case :P

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The story is too old to be commented.