Game Guys review - Skullcandy PLYR1 gaming headset

A little more than a year ago, audiophile headphones maker Skullcandy purchased Astro Gaming. Astro has long been considered the gold standard in gaming headsets and now the Skullcandy is getting in on the game.

Skullcandy's gaming headset lineup is meant to compliment, not compete, with the Astro line. Think of it as GM's Buick and Cadillac lines. If Astro Gaming were the Cadillac of gaming headsets, then the Skullcandy line is the Buick with its PLYR 1 model being the Enclave.

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TheSoundDefense2016d ago

I had a pair of Skullcandy headphones once; they fit poorly on my ears and it always distracted me from the audio quality. Haven't bought any since.

Dasteru2016d ago

Sennheiser HD598s and a Modmic, no gaming headset comes close.

SonyAddict2016d ago

Astro a40 and a30 got both!,nothing competes!.

ExCest2016d ago

Skullcandy... audiophile company? When did that happen?

MWH2016d ago

many great headphones in the market that's for sure, I chose Shennheiser, and never looked back.

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