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Submitted by john2 904d ago | video

Halo Gets Updated With Better Visuals Thanks To Its Modding Community

DSOGaming writes: "The following video shows off the new graphical features that Halo modders have managed to implemented, such as updated bitmapping, shaders, better particle effects, and higher-poly models. In addition, the video comes with scenes from the vanilla version in order to further wow us with the overhauled visuals." (Halo: Combat Evolved, PC)

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hennessey86  +   904d ago
Now compare
The updated version to halo anniversary
Somebody  +   904d ago
An unfair comparison.

This one is an old game with improvements from modders who only have love for the game and dedication to back them up. They did this for free in their spare time.

The other one is an old game with a lot of polish from a game company with the backing of millions of dollars and tons of staff. They did this for money and guess what: they might do this all over again for X Box One.
TH3KARMACHARGER  +   904d ago
Allrighty, let me put annivercery in my PC and...... OH WAIT!
lucidity  +   904d ago
Modders continue to do great work, though I can't say this is a title I'd expect them to focus on.
Adexus  +   904d ago
Honestly, I thought it looked pretty bad, oversharpened textures everywhere make it an eyesore.
DoctorXpro  +   904d ago
boring and im a halo fan
SIRHC13  +   904d ago
Awful and far too long video, but good work. I wish Halo PC was more active.
Luke_fon_Fabre  +   904d ago
X game gets better visuals thanks to it's modding community. I, being a person that owns a real crappy PC, does not play games on it, but I never understood fan graphical updates. I feel like they often stray from the original art style of the game, but some are done by really dedicated fans that keep the art style fairly close to how it was; this one seems to be well done.
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SITH  +   903d ago
And if you still have windows 98 for some reason, you can play also.

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