Blame Retail & Game Publishers For Used Games Fiasco

" Microsoft is taking all the arrows in the back for what they have said, and not said about used games on the Xbox One. The confusion that has set in has been a PR fiasco. Although Microsoft has been vague on the subject, the fault lies mainly with publishers, and retail. Microsoft’s, and Sony are trying to protect publishers without losing games retail. Taking the lead where retailers like GameStop, and third party Publishers can’t find common ground. For retail companies like GameStop used games sales brings in huge profits. In many cases more so than the initial sales of game. They do not rely only top sellers, but games people may have passed on, or were meet with lackluster sales. Used games allow them to flourish in a way that does not show up on the financial books of publishers and developers. In saying this, the latter party is not a mandatory partaker after a sale is done, or when stock has been purchased. Hence the difference between games being “ship...

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dotwithshoes2017d ago

couldn't read that horrid article, if you hate GameStop.. come out and say it in the beginning, instead of hiding behind trying to justify what Sony & MS are doing with their preowned games policy.

Muerte24942017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Sony in with Microsoft. Sony plans on continuing what already in place (Online Pass System). Microsoft is dictating who you sell your games to (gamestop, best buy). Not even in the same ballpark.

Darrius Cole2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

You should have said "what Microsoft is doing." Sony is not doing anything close to what Microsoft is doing. Muerte2494 is correct. The two companies are not even in the same ballpark as far as used games are concerned.


But you are correct in that they article is horribly written.

BillytheBarbarian2016d ago

We don't know what Sony has planned yet. If they are letting 3rd party control DRM then it could be great for one year and then if they see M$ making mad cash off their DRM system you can bet Activision and EA will be vultures ready to do the same on the PS4.

It's going to be a rocky road for these next few months for both consoles. We'll find out soon enough.

dotwithshoes2016d ago

Exactly what my Barbarian friend said, Sony hasn't really said much of what they are doing with their used games except "We're going to let third party publishers decide that". MS said the same thing, but MS just explained it further.

Sony has been hiding behind MS, letting them take all the heat, while staying quiet and biding their time.

The whole "Online pass" thing is just as much greed as what MS has stated already, more so even.