Gamespot- Limbo[Vita] Review

GS:Limbo contains the wonderful aesthetics and crafty puzzles from the previous versions, but the atmosphere isn't quite as striking on a smaller screen.

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Canary1864d ago ShowReplies(3)
delicia1864d ago

Machinarium also looks good on the Vita, loving it so far.

guitarded771864d ago

I've played Limbo on XBOX, PS3 and now Vita. Have to agree with the review about it being great on Vita. After playing and enjoying it on consoles, I think the game is even more well suited for Vita. I was taking screenshots while I played through just for personal pleasure. Here's one.

1nsomniac1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

It is a game I can see being more suited to the Vita, but I couldn't justify paying for it again :-(

guitarded771864d ago

If you bought it for PS3, you can download for free on Vita.

Veneno1863d ago

So Gamespot likes Limbo more than The Last of Us?