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Game Dev Tycoon Pixel Judge review

Pixel Judge: "The old days were the golden days of Tycoon games. Whether it was an amusement park, a railroad or a transportation company, many of them had names that ended in „Tycoon“ (unless you're JoWood – then they ended in „Giant“), promising audiences complex – but not too complex – games about running a business. The rise of AAA FPSs kind of stunted the whole thing since money had moved away from niche audiences. But, with Kickstarter and various platforms for game publishing, we may see a revival of sorts. This is kind of meta, considering that we're writing about Game Dev Tycoon, a game where you're a game designer who has to face such hurdles along his way to fame, glory and chest high walls." (Game Dev Tycoon, PC) 5/5

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