1UP Reviews Savage 2: A Tortured Soul

1UP writes: "The theory of the player commander, in the minds of developers both amateur and professional, must look something like this: One player assumes the role of master tactician, able to survey the war zone from a satellite's-eye view, direct combat actions, and anticipate enemy exertions of force with the prescience of a chess master and the eyes of an eagle. This god-king of the voice-communication button demands obedience and respect from his troops, and in return he showers them with useful supplements to their arsenals.

In reality -- where players aren't the altruistic paragons of togetherness that many starry-eyed devs seemingly expect them to be -- commanders are just as individualistic as their subordinates, and troopers rarely have incentive to ten-hut until they're in need of an airdropped goody bag. Enter Savage 2: A Tortured Soul, a "genre-bender" with enough abbreviations on its fact sheet to warrant the cliché...and a commander mode that excels despite the proclivities of your average multiplayer gamer".

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