Lets put some of the spotlight on Sony

With the cat of the bag from Microsoft, we're left with Sony.

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xHeavYx2020d ago

I really hope that Sony answers all these questions soon, and that they decide to do the complete opposite of what Microsoft is doing

pr0t0typeknuckles2020d ago

we all do,because if sony does what microsoft is doing,we as gamers are screwed.

CraigandDayDay2020d ago

The good thing is that so far it looks like Sony is making all the right moves. Quite contrary to what MS is doing. We shall see in a couple days at E3. Can't wait!!!!! Excited!!

GrizzliS19872020d ago

call me a fanboy, but even if sony announced DRM, no used games, one console per half a person, i just simply dont care. I will buy the next ps4 because of Sonys first party games that --I-- want to play. I dont care who lets me borrow their game, i dont care if its always online crap, im interested in playing the next Sony console and thats that.

Now i see many will disagree but the truth is, there are people like me who are hardcore gamers in their spare time and dont keep up with their buddy list or what their friends are playing.

My playstation time is mine alone, and i enjoy sitting by myself every once in a while and playing some quality games.

I think as xbone has shown, they are aiming for people like me next gen, and as much as i disagree with their tactics, at the end of the day, i will buy what i like and play what i like, despite the cost.

I understand many are not as privileged as i, and i understand many gamers will suffer, and i hope everything turns out ok.

I doubt putting GameStop out of business with used games will be good for any of the big publishers.

mario192020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

/\ Fanboy

You said it

Edit: Aww crap, it points to my name instead :(

GrizzliS19872020d ago

Lets be honest. Majority of you guys are geeks or nerds, including myself, and whatever these companies announce, you will still buy their console, period. You can bi*** all you want, but what are you gonna do? protest and buy a wii U? and miss out on a whole next gen?

my @ss, you will buy it regardless what they tell you, and you will most likely play the next Uncharted, or next COD. (just random games)

its the truth and thats that.

ps: i will buy wii U for Smash bros.

pr0t0typeknuckles2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

@grizzlis your not priveledged your just stupid,and my main gripe is in the long run when these consoles are done and the servers are shut down and due to the disc lock crap,your sytem and games are just a bunch of bricks,so you cant play those games any more and they are gone forever,and im a huge sony fan and it will kill me to boycott them,ive been with them since ps1,been with them in the bad times even trying to defend the ps3 having no games when it was first release,if i were a fanboy id be a sonydrone before i would be an xbot or nintendrone,but im not, if they do this i wont buy a system like that,and any "gamer" that does support this crap isnt a true gamer in my eyes,because youd be helping in killing the true soul of gaming.

Why o why2020d ago

Sorry grizzly but if sony uses ms level of drm, they'll be able to flip your disks and consoles into bricks and coasters...... lets not hand them the ky aey

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joeyisback2020d ago Sony already confirm that the PS4 doesnt require always online connection or drm

sengoku2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

yeah i don't get these.
now it's time for sony to come clean.
wait for sony to announce there drm.
they wil be doing the same as m$ or ells.

this is all made up b.s.

fact is sony has said time and time again no blocking of used games.
more importantly
the is no internet requirement at all.

what this means is simple.
if a publisher would want to implement DRM or block used resales of it's game.
it would have to state on the box of that PS4 game that it requires a internet connection to play.
because it is out side of the basic requirements stated by sony for PS4 functions.

it would be very simple for these games to be avoided when you do not agree with there DRM policies, because of clear statement on the box.

this is totally different to m$ approach where drm is the norm, used game are blocked
and is 24 check in is required though internet to function.

dont understand that news sits don't simply report on the fact that sony DRM implementation cant ever be like M$ 24 check in because of said requirements.
on PS4 it would have to state on the box that it requires internet to function.
which would mean possible DRM

showtimefolks2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

as a long time sony fan since ps1 days i will say or ask this, my ps3 has been connected to internet since day one so i don't know if being online is that bad. Now let us choose is where its the difference, sometimes my service will go down so i would like to play my single player games without any interruption

always online may have some huge advantages when it comes to cloud gaming but giving us the option is connect is what's gonna separate sony from ms

also like Patcher just said no publisher will be dumb enough to blocked their used games because of the Backlash and the boycott of their games. So publishers also have a lot to think about, don't let your greed fool you, block used games and people will wait forever to buy your games and you will loose the day one buys that actually brings in most of the money

i think sony will, they went 1st and forced MS's hand and i believe its gonna be all games at E3 for sony.

start with answering any worries your fans have

make fun of MS if they did something stupid at their conference for fun lol

Than show Last Guardian on stage demo launching with ps4

than have SE come on Stage to announce Kh3 and FF13 versus which is now Ff15

Syphon Filter 4

getaway 3

some new Ip's

please have some world exclusive surprises atleast 1-2

will we find out what ready at dawn are working on?
SSM new game from GOW3 team?
GG are doing KZ but they also have a new IP in development
David jaffe's next game
Insomniac doing a proper Ratchet and clank game


nice find

Majin-vegeta2020d ago

Sony confirmed all their 1st party studios are working on PS4 titles.I would post the link but im on my phone.

showtimefolks2020d ago


yeh i know E3 should be great and now only few days away

LackTrue4K2020d ago

"lets talk about how great The Last of Us will be..."

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elhebbo162020d ago

I think they have more than enough.

majiebeast2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Well it seems that a new(rumoured) Fromsoftware game is in development for PS4 we might see that at E3.

Rusty5152020d ago

Destiny of spirits...worst name ever...on a positive note, it sounds like an rpg and an exclusive playstation rpg would be awesome..

ThatCanadianGuy5142020d ago

Good find.Massive open world, 4 player co-op, crafting, game invasion ala demons souls?

Smells like day one.

a_bro2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Is this demon's souls 2? Just renamed? Want.

A Sony insider on neogaf if he is to be believed stated that demon's souls 2 was in production for the PS4

majiebeast2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

It mentions the nexus so that could be possible. This could be the subtitle for Demons Souls 2.

The patent is the real deal the description no confirmation if its real.

Yeah we shall see at E3 but if its a from game maybe the better bet would be a TGS showing.

JackVagina2020d ago

sony have already answered the DRM question 100 billion times already

Karpetburnz2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Thank you Sony for being there for us, we can always rely on you, like the light at the end of the tunnel, you give us hope. love to learn and learn to love the Playstation way, our legend, our saviour, our Sony.

The loving way is the Sony way.

VicodinViking2019d ago

Copypasta in all the topics, amirite?

Hicken2019d ago

All the articles and commenters trying to pull Sony into MS' mess are copypasta, too, so why not?

We all know Sony isn't going the same route. It's as clear as day. But they're all playing semantics, waiting for an exact set of words, all the while hoping against hope that Sony follows Microsoft, after all, just so they won't be the only ones miserable.

This copypasta tastes better than that crap.

VicodinViking2019d ago

Hicken, I don't think you grasp what I was even getting at towards Karpetburnz. Maybe you haven't seen him post the exact same comment in any other article?

There's a difference between enjoying what a company offers and flat out dick-riding a company. Pretty easy to see where the allegiance lies for said "copypasta" individual.

I'd target an MS user the same way if they were dick-riding them.

Calm your tits, one bubble. ;)

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