First Impressions - BF: Bad Company MP Beta

We've been hearing a lot about the games "destructible environments" and to be honest that portion came off a little sketchy. At one point I was in a heavy artillery tank and I must've fired ten straight shots at a wall in this building, and there was maybe a slight hole where I was firing. Now I understand that the way the game engine works, you won't be able to totally level a building, but a I had a huge artillery tank gun for crying out loud, and I just was expecting to take out the whole wall and gold chest inside. But I guess there are gameplay considerations here..

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radzy3765d ago

bad company went from 5 flags of sandbox action into 1 double crate of linear bullsh!t.

mighty_douche3765d ago

First impressions.... well according to my flat mate its "could not connect". Anyone else getting this?

Skerj3765d ago

I've only got to play like a round and a half so far thanks to EA's stellar planning. But coming from it, I wasn't too impressed ESPECIALLY from that lofty claim that "it'll forever change the way you play shooters". No it didn't, it's a streamlined Battlefield with partially destructible environments.

A guy was shooting at me and ducking into a house so I thought I'd shoot the side off of the house with a rocket, didn't work. I mean in Crysis I could shoot the supports and watch the place cave in, so what's up DICE? I'm hoping to warm up to it some more as soon as the servers start freaking working.

mighty_douche3765d ago

Very unfair to compare these physics with Crysis dude. It was obvious once a lot of video started emerging that the destruction is VERY scripted, its basically the same shape hole everytime.

"oh we didnt give full destruction because we thought it would spoil gameplay", No its because it was to ba*tard hard for them and the consoles dont have the power needed.

Skerj3765d ago

Might sound unfair but they were promising the world of destruction before this beta (which is why I'm lenient seeing that this IS beta) and so far it isn't. I mean I could level a building in MERCENARIES from last gen (looking forward to Mercs 2 to do the same). Granted it didn't have the physics of Crysis, but you shoot rockets at the sucker and it's going down. I didn't get to spend that much time with the game so I'm sure there's more destruction to be found, I hope.

Skerj3765d ago

Hah thanks, I'm going to wait until later tonight to try again though. Joining a game right now is just too sporadic, the servers crapped out in the middle of the last round I was in and wouldn't let me connect. I asked myself "ok, why wasn't there PS3 a beta now?". That better not happen in retail on the system that got left behind.

Marceles3765d ago

Eh...i expected it to be BF2 and Red Faction, I wasn't keeping my hopes up that high.

The guy is also looking for too much realism lol...trying to destroy a wall and the gold chest behind it in one shot haha...that would be no fun

mighty_douche3765d ago

Battlefield 3 on PC, that will be the one to pick up. As long as you have a MONSTER computer.

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lol....once again...lots of promises... this is what we will be getting from next gen tech, in the end, all talk no action.


GoD_tattoo3765d ago

I got the beta this morning through Comcast, and IMO it is Warhawk 2. It is just a modern version of it. It even has the same style of lettering above the heads. Just a first person version. Good graphics, but not interested.

socomnick3764d ago

dont compare a battlefield game to the pos game warhawk.

boodybandit3764d ago

there is no comparing Warhawk to others shooters.
Because no other shooter on a console runs as smooth as Warhawk online. None.

socomnick3764d ago

yea its true warhawk does run smooth but thats because it has ps2 graphics. Warhawk was horrible I had high hopes for it but it sucks .

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