Lost to Antiquity: Games That Have Aged Badly

Some games are utterly timeless. Super Mario Bros is still perfect. Soul Calibur 1 is still beautiful. But this is GR's Week of Hate, after all. So here are the once-great games that might shock you if you play them today.

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spandexxking3769d ago

thats bullsh*t. motorstorm keeps me going through all game droughts. still intense.

actas1233769d ago

Same here. The game is still exciting. The graphics are awesome and its alot of fun.

Danja3769d ago

Agreed Motorstorm is still graphically impressive and with Motorstorm 2 coming out maybe then it will put the original to shame until then's still a freakin awesome game

ruibing3769d ago

Jeez why don't they enlarge the audience of some current sports games and look at how shabby they look.

The Closing3769d ago

Super Mario 64 is still a classic.

Boldy3769d ago

I agree, it was one of the best mario games put out by Nintendo.

HowarthsNJ3769d ago

Not sure why. Maybe it's the blurriness and low frame rates.

I disagree with their inclusion of MotorStorm as well. That still rocks too.

IntelligentAj3769d ago

Yeah Mario 64 will forever be one of the best games created and one the most innovative.

kornbeaner3769d ago

I like how bloodmask put the only PS3 on the list as the cover shot for this story, HAHAHA!!!

On topic, Gameradar has never had that much credibility in my eyes and this story does very little to change that. What exactly are they basing this list on??? Is it the whole game or just graphics??? Or is it a list just so they can get hits from the fans of these franchises.

This is just another Flamebate article from a website that seems to only produce that type of work.

Of course all of these games look dated, their old. What do you expect to happen. Mario64 looks old, well guess what, compare SM3 to the new SMB for the DS and even that timeless classic will look like an 8-bit turd. These game might have been known for looking good at the time of release, but it's their gameplay, that makes them classics. While some games have improved on the concepts these games created, most of these games hold up very well and are still worth the trip back through time, thats what makes these classics.



ScentlessApprentice73769d ago

I was just thinking the same thing as you; Of all the games on that list, it had to be a PS3 title as the title photo (biased much?)

When I saw Oblivion on the list I was like WTF? I just purchased the Game of The Year edition for my PS3 a week ago and that game is already entering into "games that used to be worth turning your head for" lists. Is the xbox 360 version inferior to the PS3 version?

Now I'm kinda regretting buying that instead of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, but hey! I wanted a game that was really worth 50 Bucks.

Richdad3769d ago

Yeah Oblivon looks aged the Xbox 360version realesed in 2006 was inferior and main reason was the performance issue when loadin new areas but in the GOTY edition which came 1.5 years later they have done the update its better than the old I can tell since I have seen both on run.But yeah Oblivion is getting old alreasy but the reason are the weired character models although textues are still to good.

Cant say abt motorstom havent played but when PDZ was released it looked damn good I mean it had the lights, textures (better than Bioshock yes), solid frame rates but many areas looked like it doesnt looks so good even after being deatailed and having a 4X AA may be GR reason is corect it has plastic like textures on most places. Still it looks good but the plasic style textures really steal the show.

Hope Rare's Banjo Theerie looks better, When firstly I played Viva Pinata and for a minute I thought that it was a pixar movie, it was an RTs style game so if they could do that in Banjo Theerie which is a platformer it would be great.

myxomatosis3769d ago

but as far as voice acting goes, mass effect was not the game that "showed us how its done". i believe Knights of the Old Republic was a better example of perfected voice acting.

Tempist3769d ago

Well it wasn't exactly hard for oblivion to age... They didn't have the best voice acting. But there's still much to do and many ways to go about it.

VirusE3768d ago

I think the real problem with oblivion was that the game leved with you. It took the wow out of the game in a lot of ways. You could never find a hidden spot with uber monster protecting uber loot. After 100 hours in i realized that getting levels up made no difference in the game what so ever.

actas1233769d ago

Well, the writer achieved his goal. He knew his article is a piece of sh1t so he had to through motor storm in there just to make a buzz ((()))

ScentlessApprentice73769d ago

I actually never thought of it that way, but good point actas *thumbs up*

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