Will You Still Buy the PS4 If It Treats Game Ownership Like the Xbox One?

Push Square: "For a company that’s made copious communication blunders over the course of the current generation, Sony’s handled the subject of used games in an unexpectedly cunning manner – primarily by shutting its mouth. While its closest competitor Microsoft has been hung, drawn, and quartered since the Xbox One’s unveiling, the PlayStation maker’s largely got away with its own silence relatively unscathed. But what if the unthinkable happens, and the PlayStation 4 ends up handling game ownership in much the same way as the Redmond-based manufacturer’s machine?
It’s important that we understand exactly what Sony’s said about its own DRM methods before we sentence the company to a crime that it hasn’t yet committed. After the firm’s PlayStation Meeting earlier in the year, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told a roundtable of journalists that any game registration requirements will be left up to publishers, and that the platform holder won’t insist it for first-party games. The company also stated that the system will be playable offline, and that an always-online connection is something that it didn’t even consider."

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dedicatedtogamers2016d ago

Nope. I won't, and I won't defend it, either.

As long as PS4 allows me to buy a game disc from a bum on the street, put it into the PS4, and never have to go online to "verify" it, we're good to go.

SilentNegotiator2016d ago

We already know that Ps4 won't require an internet connection. The worst thing for Ps4 will be publishers having the option to have their own DRM...and I'm pretty sure they've had that option thus far anyway.

So enough with these "if" situations where Sony isn't Sony. Yes, in the non-option "if" situation where Sony did the same thing, I wouldn't buy a Ps4. Luckily that isn't even a concern.

Anon19742016d ago

Agreed. If Sony was doing the same thing, I wouldn't touch the PS4 with a 10 foot pole. I'd be picking up a Wii-U right now or just hanging on to my PS3 and 360.

JokesOnYou2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

"So, how does this differ to the Xbox One? Well, Microsoft’s said that you will be able to take your console offline, as long as you connect it to Internet once every 24 hours. Fail to do that, and you won’t be able to access any of your games. And this is where Sony’s clever wording comes in. Michael Denny told Official PlayStation Magazine that the “PS4 can still be enjoyed old school without an Internet connection at all”. Technically, so can the Redmond-based manufacturer’s machine – as long as you connect once a day. Could the Japanese giant’s impending system follow the same path? We simply don’t have enough information."

-Yep, strip away all the hyperbole and all your left with is this.

-It will be very interesting to see thoughts after we have a CLEAR understanding of sony's drm policy.

Outside_ofthe_Box2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )


It's clear as day. How much clearer can it get?

***PS4 can still be enjoyed old school WITHOUT an Internet connection AT ALL"***

If you don't have an internet connection AT ALL you can still enjoy the PS4. How much clearer can this be?

Dang, Microsoft's anti-consumer tactics are making people paranoid as hell now, making crystal clear statements appear suspect. Not that I can blame them after all that's been going on.

darthv722016d ago

what they didnt say is what percentage of their content can be enjoyed offline.

There is a difference with making a general statement of "our console wont require internet to play games" and "to get the "full" benefit of our platform, an internet connection is needed"

They tell you, you dont need internet but you sure as damn well know they WANT you to have internet. Sony has said things before and then changed their mind after the fact. In fact, companies can do these things at any time.

I wont speculate anymore, that would be wrong. We dont know the full details and we probably never will. Too many are taking the surface statements to heart when they cant say 100% that things wont change due to potential market conditions.

There is usually a clause in their TOS that protects them from things like this. They reserve the right to change the terms of service at any time without warning to protect their companies intellectual property.

Will they enact such a change? That remains to be seen. so for now....lets take a break from the action and get back to gaming.

ABizzel12016d ago

Like everyone said about the X1 "let's wait until E3".

People complained about speculation (although it came from the M$ mouth) regarding the X1's DRM, always online, etc...

So let's not do the same until Sony says Yes or No.

If they go the same route, then it's time to move on from console gaming to something else.

Outside_ofthe_Box2016d ago


***"If they go the same route, then it's time to move on from console gaming to something else."***

No Wii U?

MysticStrummer2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

@Jokes - “PS4 can still be enjoyed old school without an Internet connection at all”. Technically, so can the Redmond-based manufacturer’s machine – as long as you connect once a day."

Technically...? No. Not even technically.

If you can't see how being required to connect once a day means you can't play "old school without an internet connection at all", I don't know what to say to you. You seem more intelligent than that so I'm honestly surprised by your post.

@darth - "There is a difference with making a general statement of "our console wont require internet to play games" and "to get the "full" benefit of our platform, an internet connection is needed"

They tell you, you dont need internet but you sure as damn well know they WANT you to have internet."

lol Come on man. You think anyone believes they can use the Share button or any other PS4 social features without an internet connection? You're acting like this is some shady secret that Sony is hiding as long as possible. Like Jokes, I thought you were more intelligent than this. I fully expect many or most of PS4's social features to require not only an internet connection but also a subscription to PS+. That's fine because it's optional. Optional is the key word.

yesmynameissumo2016d ago

Listen, JokesOnYou has been in pure spin defense mode "one" ;) since MS shit the bed. Just let him get it out of his system.

NewMonday2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

if they do this PC gaming will EXPLODE!, remember SteamBox is just around the corner for those who would want a simpler console like PC gaming experience.

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iliimaster2016d ago

or required webcam that needs to be plugged in to access the console

OrangePowerz2016d ago

Hey, you stole my avatar? :(

majiebeast2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Nope cant defend it.

But i just dont see Sony doing it. Ss you dont have to be online ever and thats pretty much the foundation of the DRM system Xbone uses. Plus the trolling of Yosp on twitter would make this so much worse. Sony will continue project 10$ for used games with multiplayer.

The camera is not gonna be needed from what i have seen from the disclaimer at the end of PS4 trailers.

One4U2016d ago

ive grown with the PS but i wont defend something like this ! But i doubt sony will do most the stuff MS is doing !

ziggurcat2016d ago

seeing as how you can use the PS4 completely offline without a required check-in, i think it's safe to say that you would be able to buy your PS4 games from a bum off of the street.

Agent_00_Revan2016d ago

The only thing I see preventing that is companies like EA now requiring One time activitation codes similar to PC. They do it with Multiplayer now, but if they try to take it one step further, we will be in the same boat.

That is, unless Sony prevents that.

HammadTheBeast2016d ago

If I can play the game, sell the game, trade the game, and loan the game on my OWN terms (not the publishers).

I'll buy the PS4.

As long as all these 24 hour, one hour, one week, select companies and traders, and all this other "exclusive" bull**** isn't present, I'm cool with it.

Also, publishers, feel free to ban used games, but if you do, I fully well expect a substantial decrease in sales price.

neogeo2016d ago

Well I love showing my average size penis to the world online. So I want to go with a system that makes me have my cam online 24/7 so I can show the whole Earth my cock and balls. I even like to show my ass crack when in the mood. It gets pretty hairy and the hairs shimmer when the oils shine just right. MS thinks they are in control but they are only going to be zooming into many hairy duds arses.

greenpowerz2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Nah you'll nit pick the greater evil and even if PS4 is worse or better with DRM authentication but crap with everything else(used games etc) you guys will find ways to re-nig on your trolling. Promise.

just be prepared

I'm with you though. I hope Sony does nothing to fight Piracy. I wan't all teh exclusives. not "the exclusives" but *teh exclusives*

More 3rd party Cloud computing games on MSFT's Azure servers for me.

BISHOP-BRASIL2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Don't measure another's foot by your own last.

MysticStrummer2016d ago

Don't bother, Unicron.

You can post as many links as you want showing why this cloud fantasy isn't feasible yet and won't be this generation, but green will still be green.

Reading isn't his problem. Acknowledging the truth is.

justrandom2016d ago Show
Qrphe2016d ago

Do you REALLY think the X1 can accomplish 2 or 3 Tflops worth of performance over the typical 8mbps American Internet connection???


OlgerO2016d ago

@Unicron I applaud you for attempting to educate greenpowerz but im afraid your attempts will be futile. His mind is to warped and it will find another way to see the xbone as superior.

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BitbyDeath2016d ago

They've already said it won't so why even ask the question?

LackTrue4K2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

i would!!! and praise Sony for it...
4uck Microsoft!!! lol...

edit: "4uck greenpowerz logic!!"

latincooker2142016d ago

lol greenpowerz can kick rocks and blow dust. PS4 FTW:)

fr0sty2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

No. Not at all. This is coming from someone who has supported PlayStation since 1995. Thankfully Sony already confirmed that this won't be happening.

JoGam2016d ago

God i hope not. I don't care too much for used games but if i need a internet connection to play single player then im done with consoles.

Testfire2016d ago

Allow me to play indefinitely offline. Don't force a PSeye on me. Don't infringe on my right to do with a game disc as I please after I buy it. Don't kill the rental market. If any one of these things ARE implemented I WILL NOT buy a PS4. I don't bash the Xbone simply because it's made by MS, I bash it because what they are doing with it IS JUST NOT RIGHT.

JokesOnYou2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

lol, Just as I thought the goal post is moving already...that was fast.

Why o why2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Yeah, like the one on mandatory installs....;)

Sorry dude but sony have already stated your ps4 wont need a connection to operate. If what ms is doing is making those of us who would normally take issue, actually defend and make attempts to group, ç then we've already, as a collective, waved the white flag.

I've read many comments in ps+ articles where people have attacked it, especially the fact that you cant play these 'free games' if the subscription runs out. Some of the same people are now ok with an even stricter restriction on actual physical copies of games that you'll be paying full price for. Tell me I'm lying.

For the record ps+ games are long term rentals, yes, but being locked out of physical copies of games just takes the biscuit. This isn't right... ef a fanboy war

MRMagoo1232016d ago

take the pants off your head jokesonyou its making you look stupid.

jessupj2016d ago

Every time you open your mouth it seems you always say something stupid.

MS apologists are severely pissing me off lately.

JokesOnYou2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

@Why o Why Oh come down off your soap box, with all due respect bro do you think I actually for 1 second believe YOU guys are some sort Saints here to save gaming, I mean really? Basicly it goes like this, lets take n4g for example 99% of the folks who are long time supporters/fans of the 360 (post history) are all still very much supporting/in favor of the X1, sure we have complaints which are overwhelmingly against the used game drm but seems some want to FORCE us to hate things we actually have no problems with or things we are actually looking forward to like Kinect for example. I have no idea what you are talking about in reference to ps+ but in regards to X1 games, the INITIAL rumor was that you could NOT sell, trade, or loan games which rightfully resulted in complaints from real xbox fans like ME on xbox forums, emails to Microsoft, tweets to Phil Spencer, micro execs etc. Any real changes in Microsoft's policy has nothing to do with xbox witch hunters on n4g who change nothing by ranting for the hell of it.
Frankly I don't give a shii what anyone on n4g thinks if I did I would not comment on this site given its overwhelming favoritism of all things sony, but I digress, yeah say whatever you like call me what you like but I complain WHEN I THINK ITS NECESSARY= Ive sent negative emails almost daily on, I've put negative feedback on xbox forums everyday about drm, I've participated in the no drm xbox twitter campaign, of course micro has a business to run how they see fit but I know how to go about letting my voice be heard and if they were so ridiculous in these new policies or future policies that it no longer benefited ME/gamers to game on xbox brand then I along with many others I'm sure will speak with our wallets and find suitable options like PC, Nintendo(ughh)or Sony or whom ever else. So finally yes this new drm policy is more restrictive but the end result is that you CAN sell, trade, and loan your games on X1....reading carefully its obvious they have just a bit more things to sure up with their "partners"=publisher s but yes that will be the result. Am I saying "Wow thank you Microsoft!" No, its still a restriction I don't like but its hardly something I'm raging about as if its going to change my life in any significant way, I'm sure I'm going to still enjoy the X1 just like despite not liking everything about 360 I've had a awesome time gaming this gen on it. btw I buy almost all my games new, I hate drm because I frequently loan games to my cheap *** friends. lol

Seriously bro just stop pretending you guys are some sort of GAMING SAINTS sent here to n4g or any other site for the record to save the videogame industry, absolutely nobody believes that crap message, no coincidence its from the same ones who've been CLEARY the biggest haters of the 360 this gen. nah, excuse me for taking everything I read on n4g with a HUGE grain of salt, well nah that's a understatement truth is I just don't believe you, for good reason. Again I favor xbox, so obviously I tend to see the glass half full regarding this mess, I don't apologize for that, why shouldn't I since I liked the original xbox, then the 360 and honestly except for the drm I'm really looking forward to exploring the new X1's UI features and most of what micro has shown so far, along with of course some great games= I see no difference in my attitude from ps *fans who enjoyed ps3 behavior. In fact as you know I am well informed.....hell I visit xbox forums where I read legitimate complaints from xbox folks who give recommendations, critique xbl, pricing, participate in surveys and of course complain a lot more than I do, I might not agree or think some of it is petty but I can respect a guy who is truly trying to IMPROVE his brand preference by participating in a way that has a positive agenda/impact on the brand.

Lvl_up_gamer2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

@Why o Why

Sony may have said you won't "need" an internet connection....

but so what? Most ppl will have their console connected to the internet at all times anyways....

And for whatever reason you DON'T have it connected...then I guess you Sony boys will be missing out in Destiny and all it's exclusive DLC since Bungie has stated Destiny will REQUIRE an always connected console in order to play it.

Developers are moving into the direction of an always connected console so that games can get bigger with living and changing worlds. What idiot in the 1st world doesn't have an internet connection and can't be connected to the internet? If you can't afford internet...then you can't afford gaming.

ALL my devices that have internet capabilities are ALL hooked up to my home network and are ALWAYS on. The X1 will be no exception. If the power goes out and I can't then so be it...i wouldn't have been able to play single player anyways since the power is out, if my internet goes down...big deal, I will just do something else with my life like GO OUTSIDE!!! although my internet has gone down for less then an hour ONCE in 2012.

All you sony fanboys on this site need to take off the tinfoil hats. You guys are ALL looking extremely pathetic and childish.

I can't wait for X1 and all it's DVR/cable interface features. I console that runs all my home theater with nothing but my voice and a simple hand gesture is extremely welcomed in my home AND will be able to play some of the best next gen games on it as well....but then again I am an adult where i have my own family room and not living in the basement of my parents house.

yesmynameissumo2016d ago

Don't bother Why o why, they've already converted to full apologist. They can't be reasoned with. Facts get you nowhere.

Why o why2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

To all who replied. If sony go the same route I'm out...end of. You can call it a soap box or say I'm wearing a tin foil hat... no mate, its my principles that I value more than you do in this regards. I've made comments that have acknowledged there are true 360 gamers who had issue with various things about what ms is doing like yourself. Nobody's claiming us misguided sony fans are here to save gaming.... I'm here as a worried individual trying to stop this because, guess what...I dont want it. If this becomes the norm I'm out of gaming and the next gen may be my last proper one even if sony dont go down the same path.

Why should I just say nothing because some wont believe I genuinely had interest in getting the nextbox.

Here to save gaming...c'mon, behave, eff a fanboy war. There's a time for the banter and piss taking we all enjoy and a time to speak up and out against what I believe to be bs.

I learnt the word apologist from you jokes many years ago.....ill say less from here on on that but I also sent emails and sent tweets for BOTH consoles petitions. Its better than just b****ng on the internet like many.. I repeat, if sony follow the same path.. IM OUT, they don't pay none of my bills or care about my life enough for me care more about their money grabbing schemes over my own principles

No offence

JokesOnYou2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Why o Why although we disagree I feel what you're saying. Honestly my goal wasnt to piss you off, if thats truly how you feel about this drm mess then I apologize for mixing you in with the rest. I think you can understand from my point of view that alot of folks here, obviously not all but alot are just here for the wrong reasons. Yeah we've went back n forth over the years, I like to think I've grown since I first started on this site, I got no problem with opinions or positions opposite of my own thats what makes it interesting, I think why I speak out is when you and alot of others constantly force your opinions on others, I mean not that I care but I get shiii all the time, hate PM's, you name it....why because I dont join the good old boy club? Really though I'll take your word for it though on this matter, not that I agree but either way I'd never want to see you or any gamer quit gaming, hopefully that wont happen.

Hicken2015d ago

What moving goalpost? The only people I see in here saying "yes" are the same goofballs who say they'll get the XBone.

Not even the Sony "fanboys" you want to pin everything on are saying yes. And you don't have to believe them; I do.

And I agree with them. IF Sony follows suit, I won't get a PS4. Simple as that.

It's a shame you'd try to drag others down just because the console maker you love is doing wrong.

Why o why2015d ago

No worries. Sometimes the angles people seem to come from are blurred. It happens.

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JoGam2016d ago

As long as i can play a game and dont need internet im good.

dumahim2016d ago

Sony has already said you will be able to play games offline and an internet connection is not required, so with that in mind, yes, I will still buy one.
Reason being, there's no Kinect. I'm not one of the paranoid ones concerned about privacy, I just want nothing to do with it for games. I will however not buy a game that the publisher decides to lock down. If it's up to the publisher, I'll deny them my money.

Pinkdolphin2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

What everybody is forgetting DRM already exists for the ps4. Watchdogs a single player game being published by ubisoft on the ps4 requires to be connected online at all times. Publishers arent going to give the ps4 a free pass. Why would they? Lol go ahead disagree with me and not be rational, ill bookmark this page and come a year later and laugh at these comments with unreal expectations. Its up to the publishers= codeword for DRM. PS im not happy about it either but im not stupid either.

Smoovekid2016d ago

If EA can't support an always online game on the PC then how will other publishers do it across all platforms.

Qrphe2016d ago

Same, I'd go PC/Wii U for the rest of the gen.

rela82me2016d ago

The PC already has DRM restrictions? So it looks like just the Wii U.

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NYC_Gamer2016d ago

I would still buy PS4 because i'm not going to miss out on the quality exclusives

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32016d ago

Wow...thats dedication. I'm still on the fence about MS's console. That checking in every 24 hours has me baffled. I have internet around me always even my phone as a hotspot but...what if...

fr0sty2016d ago

The exclusives are amazing, however if people bought the console anyway it sends a message that such activity is acceptable behavior, and it will only perpetuate it.

Supermax2016d ago

Sony will go same route as ms I'm still buying it day one way to many great games to miss out on

rela82me2016d ago

Agreed on both ends no doubt. When it comes down to it, take away the DRM stuff... it's all about the games, and both consoles have equal but different exclusive games to hit the shelves. DRM or not, internet wont be a problem, and I buy all my games new anyway. Besides I am willing to pay a few bucks to purchase a used game I am already buying cheap.

MysticStrummer2016d ago

Without a mandatory online connection it's not even possible for Sony to treat game ownership the same as MS.

That said, if they do, then no.

cyguration2016d ago


I'm tired of people trying to drag Sony's name through the mud because MS is already splashing around like a buckwild pig on spring break at a dirt farm.

Sony has no mandatory online check-in but if they did then it would be a no-go for me.

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