Kiefer will be the only Hollywood actor in MGSV, Kyle Cooper involved in the project

Kiefer Sutherland will be the only Hollywood actor used for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Although Kojima may want to use more actors in future projects, for this game they will only use Kiefer. Though the actor is doing the voice and performance for Snake, his actual appearance wasn't used due to Snake having an established look. For this reason, Snake's facial model was made from a CG model blended with 5 or 6 actual faces to add realism.

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NatureOfLogic1625d ago

I hope this game fails. I went from a fan to a hayter. Kojima is trash now.

Nyxus1624d ago

Shouldn't we see first how the game turns out?

ANIALATOR1361624d ago

although I'm also really upset about the whole situation, I think calling Kojima rubbish and hoping the game fails is a bit too far. I will definitely still buy it but after its released, then you can voice your opinion of it properly

Thatlalala1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

As a reader of comic books, I'm use to change, a lot. Some of you guys just have your panties in a bunch. Judge the final product, Kiefer's pretty talented with a distinct voice too, should be another outstanding game.

cleft51624d ago

Thats the problem, his voice is too distinct. Either he will be imitating David Hayter style of Snake, which will only serve to remind us of the fact that he isn't David Hayter. Or he will be sounding like Jack Baeur, which will turn the game into a 24 joke every time he speaks.

David Hayter worked with Kojima for 15 years on the MGS games. At the very least Kojima or someone affiliated with them could have called David Hayter and let him know they where going in a different direction. Instead they behave like disrespectful trash because Kojima wants to be a movie Director. This is just completely poor behavior on his part and no one should pretend like it is anything other than that.

Thatlalala1624d ago

Brett Favre won the Packers a SB championship. They still traded his ass, for someone younger faster and more talented. Business is business.

Eamon1624d ago

lmao that is extreme. I hope this game succeeds like every MGS game.

I do want Hayter to return though :(

ZombieKiller1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )'re so entitled that you would trash a game based on a voice actor? you aren't a fan, not if sometching that small can completely deter you from the series. Especially to call the game trash because you don't hear a certain mans voice. sounds a Lil gay to me. If Kojima said this was a hoax, you'd be right back riding that train. all aboard the metal gear bandwagon.

Go play COD Lil boy. its what you "deserve" to play.

this game is Kojima's game. he makes the decisions on who is who and what is what. if you don't like it, fine.....but no need to bash it the way you did without even seeing a demo. all you're doing g is showing n4g what sort of over enthusiastic entitled bitch today's gamers can turn out to be. it gives us gamers a bad name

fr0sty1624d ago

I always hated Hayter's snake voice (I'm sure the vast majority disagres). It always sounded forced to me, like he was trying a little too hard to sound tough.

iNcRiMiNaTi1624d ago

Just a little something to think about.. the trailer says "From fox two phantoms were born"

What if Kiefer voices one snake and David voices another? That way he isn't completely replaced and explains Kiefer's involvement as "snake"

AdmiralSnake1624d ago

Lol I have barely said anything on this topic, but judging from the many raging Gamers, I can say a lot of you are obsessed, and need to seek therapy.

Yes, the Voice acting decision is harsh, but all because they change the voice actor, doesn't mean the game will be trash, same with Kojima, it's funny seeing how people switched up and throw Kojima under the bus because he decides to make some changes to his new game.

BlaqMagiq241624d ago

A VA change vs. 5 critically acclaimed games.

Kojima is trash? Lol get over it. We have a new voice actor which will NOT affect the quality of the game but tell a new chapter in a completely different way. Be happy we're getting another MGS at all.

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THamm1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Please... MGS is evolving and I think that Big Boss and Solid Snake need to be different people, I always thought it was odd for them to have the same voice even i they were clones. MGS1 Solid Snake is Hayter and that will never change

This time, the English voice is really driving the animation, is driving the character. In past Metal Gears, everything was done by hand: the animation was done by hand, both the English and the Japanese were dubbed in.”

“This time, the facial performance that is being done by the English voice actor is what is driving the animation, what is driving the character.

Meaning that we in the US will got perfect sync between voice and expression, which is really good because it must be a really detailed game

Nyxus1624d ago

Yeah, in a way the western version of this game will have the advantage this time, even if many people don't see it that way since the Japanese voice actor remains the same.

morganfell1624d ago

This something I stated in my last post. Personally I never cared for Hayter as Big Boss because I felt it was wrong from a canon point of view. Neither Solid nor Liquid are direct clones of Big Boss. Their DNA was highly manipulated. Only Solidus was a perfect and direct clone. But, after a fashion, the voice worked in MGS3. I trusted Kojima's decision. However, as we have seen in MGS4, voices change over time.

KingElixer above must really like Hayter because he is acting in a similar manner.

For over 20 years Kojima has made the right decisions regarding Metal Gear. He is the heart of the series, not a single voice actor.

As a huge Metal Gear and specifically Big Boss fan I trust Kojima...again.

THamm1624d ago

Yes @morganfell, I feel the same way. I feel like Kojima has already provided us with a franchise that never got watered down or abused and games that not only stand the test of time but also evolve in the new generations. He puts a lot of time and effort and that's all I need to hear because playing a new MGS is a blessing for me because I've been playing it since 1987. I couldn't believe it was brought back in 97 and was amazed at MGS1.

Eamon1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

"Their DNA was highly manipulated. Only Solidus was a perfect and direct clone."

And you claim to be a huge Metal Gear fan. Solid and Liquid's DNA was about 80% identical to Big Boss's. Siblings only have 50% identical DNA therefore Solid and Liquid are closer to Big Boss than siblings are to each other.

FYI, the japanese voice actors of Solid Snake, Big Boss and Solidus Snake are the same. In MGS2, Solidus had a different english voice actor.

Diver1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

Dude you do realize that researchers put human and chimpanzee DNA similarity at 86% or above? So 80% would mean very likely to have a different structure an voice.

20% is a huge difference. Look how different liquid was. Oh look Snake even has he same accent as Big Boss? No dude it don't fit.

Try more harder somewhere else. You a fan of Hayter not of the series.

Yeah dude English Solidus had a different voice actor cause he sounded like Big Boss and not like Solid Snake. Thanks for proving Morgans point.

Eamon1624d ago

WTF? Mate you are seriously confused. The discussion of humans and chimps similarity in genes is very different to what I'm talking about.

Firstly, all humans share 99.9% similar genes. So your point about Chimps having 86% is irrelevant.

When I was talking about 50% and 80% I was referring to genotypes, i.e. the specific alleles. A clone would have 100% identical traits which are determined by the alleles. Siblings would have only 50%. Solid and Liquid have about 80% compared to BB. Solidus has 100% compared to BB.

Bringing chimps into this discussion made no logical sense. Let me explain.

Eye Colour is a gene. But Brown eyes is an allele. Blue eyes is another allele. But they both fall under the Eye Colour gene.

Humans share 50% similar dna with a banana. So does that mean siblings are as different to each other as humans are to bananas?

You understood the concept of genes in a very simplistic way.

Diver1624d ago

Dude an allele doesnt fall under a gene, it is a gene. An allele is just another form or one of several versions of a gene.

An you are the one being simple. Eye color doesn't work like that. It matters if the alleles are homozygous or heterozygous where one allele is dominant an the other recessive which happens when they are not the same. Alleles themselves don't determine color the way you are thinking but instead its based on dominance.

Wanna get real particular, then know that eye color isn't a gene, its a genetic trait a big difference an is determined by the combination of alleles from parents. Alleles themselves aren't color but rather they direct the melanin that actually produces color.

Look here, snake an liquid werent the boys from brazil. They werent raised with the same accents in exactly the same environment as boss. They werent gonna have the nurture to insure that they grew up just like boss. You are one of those folks trying to find ever reason to hate the kojima decision. Well too bad cause its gonna happen.

BTW, look at your bubble count. I can keep this up an you can't.

Eamon1623d ago

Diver, you have actually said the same thing I have. All you're arguing about is semantics now. All that stuff you said about alleles. It's no different to what I said.

You've just been arguing about biological semantics and have yet to disprove the point I made about comparing clones to siblings.

I'm only pissed at Kojima's decision because I loved the voice of Snake and grew up with it. I still am anticipating MGSV and hope it'll be like nothing we've seen before.

And you're right, it's my last bubble, so nice conversing with you.

Diver1623d ago

Semantics? No. I am arguing correct terminology which now that you have misused it doesn't seem to matter anymore.

And I have easily disporived it with the first comparitive statement. All you said was "Who brought chimps in" then you just sidestepped the fact that even 86% doesn't even put you in the ball park of similarity.

Also sidestepped was the English Solidus voice. A direct clone that regardless of any language looked like Big Boss an not Snake.

At least you finally admitted the truth about why you're mad. You didn't get your way over something that never should have happened even once an that was David "watch have a public temper tantrum like my fans" Hayter voicing Big Boss.

Richard Doyle an Keifer Sutherland FTW. True MG fans love the series an trust its creator.

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j-blaze1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

it makes me feel really sad seeing ppl now disrespecting and doubting Kojima because of a voice actor forgetting that MGS is far more than that, seriously guys think about gameplay, epic story and cinematics, characters, codec conversations, bosses..etc. don't limit a legacy to just a mere voice actor it'll make you look stupid

Nyxus1624d ago

I think we should have more faith in Kojima. The series has managed to survive this long and still feel special because he dares to take risks with the franchise, to let it evolve every time.

Blacktric1624d ago

"it'll make you look stupid"

The nerve of some you people never ceases to amaze me.

ZombieKiller1624d ago

What do you mean "you people"? lol the nerve huh? He's right dude. People are judging and bashing this game based on a voice. When has Kojima steered us wrong?

You guys also gotta ask yourselves -when has Kojima trolled us? Wasn't Keifer the voice of Ishmael?

I think he's honestly trolling us. I didn't know about Raiden until I PLAYED the big shell scene originally on ps2. He got me good with that one....So WHAT IF he's creating buzz and attention for his product?

....Even bad attention is still attention. Kinda like DmC and all the bullshit that surrounded that game. It still got a shot in the spotlight

r211624d ago

The second time im agreeing with you. People should calm down and let Kojima do his thing.

Mr_Nuts1624d ago

Were doubting him because of the way he's handled it, he's disrespected fans and his treat Hayter like crap.

He could make the best game with MGSV, doesn't mean what he did was right.

cpayne931624d ago

Hayter said they said nothing to him about it, they just silently fired him basically. Seems pretty unproffesional.

ZombieKiller1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

which makes me think this is a hoax.....why the hell would he treat Hayter like that when they worked so many years together?

Besides look at all the crazy buzz this is creating.....

OrangePowerz1624d ago

Missing faith in Kojima might be misdirected.

Missing faith in Konami is a different thing. Konami is the publisher and they make the game. so it could have been a decision from them, because the voice actor change smells to me like them wanting to sell more copies in the states.

cpayne931624d ago

Looking at the konami e3 show, kojima himself said that it was his decision, and he gave reasons as to why.

OrangePowerz1624d ago

He is getting paid by Konami, I`m sure he isn`t going to say it was their decision and he didn`t want to do it if that would be the case. We are talking about the guy who said previously multiple guys that he doesn`t want to do anymore MGS games and that he is done with it.

The reasons of why have been BS. As I mentioned somewhere else, if he didn`t trust Hayter to be able to deliver the motion cap that he wanted he could have done the same that the Halo 4 devs did. They hired somebody to do the mo cap for Cortana while keeping the same voice actress. He could have gotten for a low amount of money a great mo cap actor that can deliver just as good as Sutherland and have Hayter to the voice acting just like he keeps the Japanese guy to do the voice acting for the Japanese version.

BlaqMagiq241624d ago

I rarely ever say this to you, but for the first time ever...

I have to agree. Aside from the "make you look stupid" part, people should not misjudge until they actually see Kiefer's performance and the game in general in action. Hayter will always be the OG voice actor but it's time to move on.

I also believe Kojima Productions response to why the JP voice actor stayed the same is a valid one as well. The primary dub is the English one and Kiefer's expressions will reflect that. However, they can't do the same thing with the JP voice actor, because that doubles the development time and increases development costs.

Kojima has never steered us wrong when it comes to MGS and I trust his judgment now. I just can't wait to play this game.

DigitalRaptor1624d ago (Edited 1624d ago )

"A mere voice actor" WOW.

Over your past few posts, you've basically shown you don't give a crap about the people behind the characters you love. As long as you idolize one guy, the rest of the people behind the game are just "mere" whatevers.

I'm not doubting Kojima as game creator, but you are the one that needs to get some perspective and show respect to the people behind the portrayal of the characters. David Hayter was key to defining the Snake we know and love, and people have the right to be apprehensive and worried.

Can't wait for MGSV though!

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THamm1624d ago

Hopefully the new trailer will put a lot of doubts to rest

ArnoldSchwarzenigra1624d ago

I get all the points people are making about us waiting to play the game or see more before judging. They're valid points but I just can't support the change in voice actor. It just doesn't fit right. The voice will detract so much from the story that I'll get hung up about it and it might even distort whether or not I enjoy the game's storyline.

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