Publishers undecided on blocking Xbox One preowned sales

Microsoft announced yesterday that decisions about allowing used Xbox One games would be left up to publishers. Though the power is in their hands, the companies behind Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, among others, aren't yet ready to discuss what plans they have for the secondhand market.

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JokesOnYou2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Hmmm, BS yeah no doubt they've already decided, they're just not talking yet.

btw mods why do more of the balanced news info like this concerning X1 get all kinds of duplicate reports/fail etc while slanted unkown blogg sites who editorialize and regurgitate the same flamebait get approved?...seems like theres some censorship/favoritism regarding news submissions.

Its all good....carry on.

3-4-52017d ago

Xbox put publishers in bad spot. Now it makes it look like the publishers are the bad guys if they don't.

I'd be willing to bet Microsoft promised the publishers something and now are hanging them out to try as if it was there idea.

Companies as big as Microsoft do these sorts of things.

I just want xbox to provide games that made me love gaming...They've done it in the past, I feel they think they are smarter than they really are though.

It's like they create their own problems and then act like they won't be a problem.

For every new bit of control they incorporate into the machine, it will cause another 3-4 problems down the line. Something they never though of, but since it effects everything and everything is connected, then it really magnifies any and all problems.

THamm2017d ago

They didn't think that us gamers would sound off. Now they see that 59.99 price tag will drop instantly if we all unite and not accept or buy anything that affects our physical rights. I say these pubs better start thinking twice about all these loopholes, If Next Gen is offering us fog from a cloud and not on my damn disc then I'm one investor they won't have to worry about. Too many good pubs to worry about the greedy ones

awi59512017d ago

NO EA and other publishers told microsoft they wanted the option to block used games if they wanted to and they wanted it built into the hardware. IF not the publishers threatened to make games 70 dollars this gen look it up.

ThanatosDMC2017d ago

Angry Joe pretty much got it down right about who MS is making as their scapegoat.

greenpowerz2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

No kidding. There would be a witch hunt if dev dare come out happy about what they have been asking for. Poor MSFT having the balls and marketshare strenght to take the hit while Devs and publishers hide with glee. Who wants gamers after them and even way worse, who wants SDF after their a55?

Yeah N4G is becoming known for their censorship bias.

"Publishers" are not "undecided" they're giving the same treatment to media MSFT gave before they had to talk some about it at the reveal and finally lay down all their cards last night

They don't have to say anything their actions speak louder than words as we will start seeing at E3 starting with EA, Respawn, Activsion etc.

LOL_WUT2017d ago

Don't forget Take- Two they want their shares ;)

jc485732017d ago

doesn't matter. you still need to connect the damn thing once every 24 hours.

DaThreats2017d ago

So it begins...
Where there be riots?

mario192017d ago

Yeah, we can meet up at your house. What's your address?

a_bro2017d ago

undecided? right.... how about..they arent going to say anything until launch day when the rules are in effect.

dedicatedtogamers2017d ago

It's slimy how Microsoft tried to pass this off to the publishers, as if it's their fault when it happens. Microsoft, YOU were the one who designed the system. YOU were the one who put it in place. Did publishers decide to require a friend to be on your list for 30 days before trading? Did publishers decide to restrict game-transferring? Did publishers decide to require internet every 24 hours?

They may have WANTED it, but it was you who built the system.

JokesOnYou2017d ago

yeah cause sony didn't try to pass the buck with their statement about leaving it up to publisher's.

dedicatedtogamers2017d ago

If Sony builds a system that requires online, restricts game trades to people who are on your friends list (for 30 days or more), and checks in every 24 hours, then I'll be happy to hold Sony accountable.

On the other hand, if individual developers use stuff like season passes or online passes (same crap we've already seen) then I don't see how it is comparable.

MysticStrummer2017d ago

We don't know if Sony passed the buck or not yet. We won't know until we hear more of what they have to say on the subject.

MS is passing the buck because they built the console but are now deflecting blame for it's design onto the publishers.

XabiDaChosenOne2017d ago

Too bad Sony doesn't have a DRM system already in place for publishers to use, therefore publishers have to rely on 3rd party means for DRM. Sony s statement makes perfect sense in this context since while they are not going to do it for there games publishers are welcome to use there own means of doing it.
Microsoft just looks hypocritical this is basically what Microsoft is saying "While we are giving them the means to implement DRM and kind of encouraging it we by no means made them do it."LOOOOL!

MysticStrummer2017d ago

Publishers want money from used game sales, but I don't think they're happy with MS's solution after seeing the reaction to it.

Unicron2017d ago

Sim City - The Console!

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