EA UFC Joins The E3 Hype With A Teaser Trailer

EA hypes up fans for E3 with UFC teaser footage.

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xhi42017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

So many games! My gosh.

I remember when the PS3 & 360 launched there were like hardly any games out.

Would love another Fight Night too!

Truth2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

I couldn't agree more, I've been wanting another good boxing game for awhile. Was never into MMA games, but don't mind the occasional play through to release stress. There's something about hammerfisting a guys face into submission that makes the days troubles go away. That being said Fight Night and UFC Undisputed next generation sounds oh so tempting.

1OddWorld2017d ago

Fight Night would be great with out Burger King and the horrible training games that destroyed the last few for me.

BillytheBarbarian2017d ago

MMA games are about as appealing as an apple core and a fart.

mmccarthy42017d ago

mma games are freaking awesome

PeaSFor2017d ago

EA MMA was pretty great, the fact that you could fight on the PrideFc ring and allow soccer kicks to the head was pretty neat.

HarryB2017d ago

Fight night round 3 was awesome. The other ones I didn't like the controller schemes. I liked the buttons not the analog. I also had fight night round 3 for the psp which was awesome too. I eventually couldn't play psp because my hands started to feel numb and hurted.