Battlefield: Bad Company Beta 'Asplodes

From the text:

"That didn't take long. I just tried to hop into a beta game of Battlefield: Bad Company and was unable to make a connection. Then a nice little scrolling message danced across the top of the screen that said:

Servers are now live, but we are experiencing performance issues - We are looking into it, thank you for your patience."

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Boldy3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

This is completley unexcusable, I had this problem about an hour ago, but I got a different message scrolling across the top.

"We are experiancing heavy demand for the servers, so you may encounter some performance issues-We are working to resolve the issue, please stay tuned."

EA was in control of how many beta codes were going out and therefore they should know how many servers to set up.

shizball3737d ago

I agree. They knew exactly how many keys they sent out and there is no reason they shouldn't be ready for it. But it is beta so what else can you expect.

Boldy3737d ago

Apparently the reason for the servers being down is because people are getting their hands on cracked beta codes which means that people that aren't supposed to be playing the beta are playing it, which probably overwhelmed the servers, and this is the biggest run-on sentance I have ever written.

Martini3737d ago

It's a beta ( a test) dude relax, it's OK for beta to crash it has happend to both H3 beta and COD4 beta at one time or another.

sak5003737d ago

jeezus, the company that gave us best selling BF series for PC with millions of PC players having so many configuration and setups and they can't handle few hundreds of thousands console in a closed and dedicated enviroment of LIVE?

Marceles3737d ago

That message popped up the first time I tried, then I just reconnect. It sucks for those who keep getting the message and have invalid beta keys though..

kapedkrusader3737d ago

It should be perfect, isn't that why they didn't do a beta on the PS3?

mboojigga3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

COD4, RBV2 on the PS3. Yeah didn't really think that one through without talking sh*t did ya?

It has to do with the servers not Live. But some of you blind fanboys simply live by a certain bible so what is the point.

kapedkrusader3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I'm just commenting on this article. When it was announced that the Beta was coming out for the 360 it really didn't matter to me. I know LIVE is a good service. My comment is more directed to the mess of "blind fanboys", as you clearly stated that made it a point to brag about the 360's superiority because of it. Now if I'm a fanboy for making a comment regarding someone elses comment that I did not approve of. Then what does that make you? Not only was your comment full of profanity, but it also belonged in the Open Zone, where you can call people fanboys and such. You take things too personal and should lighten up before you get a stroke.

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