Xbox One: Used Game Policy In-Depth Analysis

Microsoft has attempted to answer some remaining questions concerning their used game policy. This is an in-depth analysis that takes a look at what exactly we know, and what questions remain.

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DaThreats1957d ago

If we can't loan our games, so that means no one can borrow our games.
Doesn't lean mean borrow?

gamertk4211956d ago

No, lean is the opposite of fat, or to place one's body at an angle.

Conzul1956d ago

I thought a lean was something you put on your house. For financial reasons.

creatchee1956d ago


No, that's a lien.

RiPPn1957d ago

Seen a couple o this guys videos recently, he is a big time Microsoft apologist. Avoid!

BuffMordecai1956d ago

All you need to know is that it's shit, and any self respecting gamer wouldn't touch the bone with a ten foot pole.

Wikkid6661956d ago

A true gamer wouldn't make that comment.

gamer421956d ago

A true gamer wouldn't let a company take advantage of their hobby by releasing a console that may potentially change the gaming industry for the worse.

zerocrossing1956d ago

A true gamer wouldn't defend the kind of anti consumer BS Microsoft is trying to force on consumers.

Honestly this apologist nonsense is getting really out of hand, just how badly does MS have to screw you before you start feeling ashamed?

amiga-man1956d ago

A true gamer would not defend M$ appalling DRM etc policies, your a fanboy so I don't expect anything better from you but all true gamers should never accept the crap M$ are trying to peddle.

creatchee1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

A true gamer plays games that interest him or her, regardless of console or method of delivery. Period. If true gamers didn't support DRM, they wouldn't buy games on PSN, Steam, WiiWare, or XBLA. I hope I don't have to tell you how many truly great games they would miss out on if that were the case.

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iistuii1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

A true gamer wouldn't even rent or buy 2nd hand games. They would support the developers/gaming industry & buy the game new on day of release, not wait for it to become 2nd hand or rent it. Exactly how much do you think your giving back to the developers of these great games by doing that. Nothing that's what.
Also it's not Microsoft or Sony that's doing these things, it's the developers themselves. Sony will allow you to do what you want with their exclusives, as are Microsoft by letting the complete family play the whole Xbox library on any console. But the other developer will want their pound of flesh for their titles,,blame Microsoft If it makes you feel better, but just wait till E3 to find out they won't be alone.

Great, lets all not buy TLOU, lets wait for it to become 2nd hand or rent it. Go ask ND if they would be happy if everyone rented their game. Lets leave them on the shelves & rent them, great idea.

Kyosuke_Sanada1956d ago

Come on, how much crap this generation was released for $60 + or released needing a patch the size of Texas at release. I say if a developer isn't taking their job seriously then why should I has the consumer have to pay top dollar for it.

But keeping them your monies day one without a second thought, we need more commercials to advertise what the game should have been instead of the usual crappy product that spewed after.

SexyGamerDude1956d ago

I buy used games but I also support the developer.

If they want my money they have to earn it. They aren't entitled to it. Give me some worthwhile DLC or add ons that weren't locked away on the disked. I'll happily give you my money.

I really didn't mind online passes because I mostly play single player games but if I did have to play multiplayer I would be willing to do that.

We can blame MS they are the ones setting up the infrastructure. I won't be able to play offline more than 24 hours. What's that?

amiga-man1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

'A true gamer wouldnt even rent or buy 2nd hand games'

Well i'm a true gamer then as I only buy new and don't even trade them, but they have no chance of me buying more if they put restrictions on my purchase and try to control gaming the way M$ are doing, no gamer with an ounce of common sense should put up with it.

bsquwhere1956d ago

Well...if we all waited to buy TLOU second hand, who bought it the first time? If we rent it, I'm pretty sure Red Box had to buy their copies, unless they bought them all used! Which brings me around to my 1st question.

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OrangePowerz1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I know that MS was writing that it`s up to publishers and they will not block used games and so on, BUT the feeling that I get is that once people bought it they will change their own policy to enforce more restrictions.

I wouldn`t fully rule out that Sony does something similar, but I`m slightly more optimistic that Sony`s solution to the BS demands from Publishers will be less draconian and simpler to understand compared to the vague explanations that MS has written up there just days after saying they need to communicate better.

The reason I trust MS less is simply because they killed of the Xbox 1 as soon as they could (nVidia had there hands in it as well), they mostly killed of core gamer support for the 360 at the time when Kinect was launched, focusing on how much more TV they can add while making only a small amount of core games with Forza, Gears of War and Halo sequels. Sony is launching the PS4 this year and they still bring out 2 new IPs for the PS3 and have a good amount of games for the core audience even though they support 3 systems right now.

Tyre1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Damage control tactics. On the pay roll of MS. Just to make you confused about buying it. It is about letting them now that we do not accept such a product that hijacks the community and destroys our hobby for corporate purposes. Don't buy it.

You don't need to purchase a ps4 to send a message.
But by buying the competitors product over theirs it will send a louder message. Buying a ps4 would actually be boycotting Xbox One.

If PS4 install base greatly outpaces Xbox One, the developers will have to support PS4 and the gamers to survive. MS will have to change policy or bail-out. But we will still prevail as a gamer community.Sony already has a broad open platform view with Indie Devs at it's helm. If Sony is smart in their DRM policies they can Double their install base they don't need the Draconian DRM or side with the corporate/publisher view(their misguided road).

amiga-man1956d ago

Well said Tyre bubble for you.

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