The iam8bit Entertainment System's homemade console premieres in Los Angeles

Joystiq - The iam8bit gallery in Los Angeles premiered its latest video game-related art show last night, called the iam8bit Entertainment System. The centerpiece of the show was Travis Chen's homemade two-player console, which is a custom-made PC running MAME encased in natural bamboo, with two homemade controller boxes playing three different indie games: Canabalt's two-player version, the Sportsfriends bundle's BaraBariBall, and Chen's own Adventure Time game jam game, Bad Atticube.

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snake_eater2014d ago

Does it need to be connected to the internet every 24h?

nix2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Can i share games to more than one friend? What if i rent? What if i get a second hand game? You know those retro games came out long time back and are so hard to find.

Foxgod2014d ago

It doesnt support internet, and no you cannot share your games, they are inside the console itself.

Lvl_up_gamer2013d ago

Does it have a joint straining, arthritis inducing controller due to it's out dated parallel analog stick placement?