Naughty Dog “Can’t Wait to see the GOTY Awards” for TLOU, They “Tried” Jak & Daxter Prior to TLOU

Not letting Neil Druckmann have all the attention when it comes to The Last of Us, Max Dyckhoff, Programmer, Doug Holder Visual Effects Artist, and Reuben Shah, Environment Artist, from Naughty Dog decided to do an AmA on Reddit.

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Relientk772013d ago

Well deserved Naughty Dog, you will see them

Foolsjoker2013d ago

No one does it better than Naughty Dog.

Relientk772013d ago

Is that their catch phrase



PLEASE read this, I will try to post this in every TLOU article if possible. I am real gamer and I respect real gamers so I don't want your gaming feelings to be wounded.

BE AWARE of people PMing you in various websites, spoiling the ending of the game for you like they did for me! Yes I was a victim of someone who just joined N4G to do this crime and PM me (maybe other unlucky users too) about the ending of the game. It really made me bitter even worse than at the time of Heavy Rain by spoiling the identity of the Origami Killer. I contacted mods and admins and they banned him and they are now on high alert.

So, If you get random PMs from random ***** here or in other sites, starting by "Joel", DON'T CONTINUE reading. Just report to admins like cgoodno: I swear they made a deal to eradicate those demons once and for all. Criminals won't stop flooding, they will PM you, comment on TLOU articles or even other articles or even other ones. You won't like what you gonna read because it will kill the hype for you to play the game. You will say they may invent things, but unfortunately, after you check out the game code leaked in GOWA game inside the demo (it means, DON'T TAKE A LOOK), what criminals are PMing may be the true ending.

SO please, if I was a sacrificial victim, I call you from the other world to warn you. Just don't join me there, it is very sordid and morbid. You are our only hope, You are "THE LAST OF US " !

2013d ago
PLASTICA-MAN2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

At VGAs this year:

Best Graphics: Killzone Shadow Fall
Best PS4 game: Killzone Shadow Fall
Best FPS: Killzone Shadow Fall (maybe Bioshock Infinite, since VGA want some variety)
Best ingame acting: Beyond: Two Souls
Best action adventure game: The Last Of Us
Best PS3 game: The Last Of Us


Mark my words !

elhebbo162013d ago

@J-blaze after 27 perfect 10's, ND could say w.e the fuck they want.

DigitalRaptor2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

@ j-blaze

Naughty Dog are a super talented bunch of very nice people. You are an idiot who spreads incomprehensible lies about a game you are actively LOOKING to hate.

Everything I've argued against you in regards to this game over the past couple of years, based on what I've read in reviews and played myself has turned out to be right. It's incredible how desperate you are to hate on Naughty Dog's "personality" as a collective studio now that everything you'd claimed about TLoU has turned out to be proven wrong by people who have played the entire game.

I bet you haven't even read the content of the 10/10 reviews to understand why the game is such a monumental achievement. Yeah... it's probably too overwhelmingly revealing for you. A developer works immensely hard for 3.5 years, takes risks and makes an astounding game of incredible achievement. They can say what they want. They're no more arrogant than you, and isn't that the truth?

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JoGam2013d ago

If you guys love Naughty Dog and think they should win GOTY, then buy their game. The best way to show ur appreciation is to support the company by picking up The Last of Us.

acharlez2013d ago

I still want Jak 4 at some point!!

Snookies122013d ago

That would be so sick on PS4....

Foolsjoker2013d ago

That would actually be really cool, might look like a real Pixar movie.

Relientk772013d ago

Me 2, also Naughty Dog get Crash Bandicoot back

MajorLazer2013d ago

That would be EPIC! I still feel Crash Bandicoot is ND's best work, and that's a big achievment, with the likes of Uncharted and tLoU being its competition

LoveSpuds2013d ago

It's a close run thing for me between Jak or Crash, but I think I too would plump for more Crash Bandicoot if I had to choose.

I can honestly remember being astounded by how good those game looked and played back in the day - awesome!

Irishguy952013d ago

They never owned Crash. The just developed it.

toxic-inferno2013d ago

I am such a massive fan of the Jak and Daxter games - honestly, they are my favourite game series by quite a long way... and I would love to see a proper sequel!

But I can't help but feel a little glad that there's no sign of it being made. The industry has changed quite a lot, and Naughty Dog have changed alongside it. I have no doubt that Naughty Dog, or another decent company, could make another Jak game... but the latest attempt to continue the franchise was less than great, and as sad as it seems, it might be time to say farewell to the duo. :(

The Great Melon2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

The Jak series was designed as a trilogy, so any game that follows will suffer from either being a side story (not necessarily bad) or trying to shoehorn a new epic into an already resolved universe. With the Uncharted franchise each game is its own story allowing Naughty Dog the flexibility to make as many or few games as the universe allows. So I am with you also. I don't want to go back to the Jak series without truly investing in it and doing more than just modern version of an idea that didn't make it into the previous trilogy.

While I love both the Jak and Uncharted series I hope they pursue new IPs simply because they are fantastic developers that can tackle any genre and make amazing experiences. I bet they have plenty of other ideas bouncing around at their studios that can result in the next Uncharted, Jak, Crash Bandicoot, or The Last of Us.

toxic-inferno2013d ago

@ The Great Melon

THIS exactly. The games work excellently as a trilogy already, even though each works as a standalone story. Any other attempt at a Jak and Daxter game will simply feel detached from the core story. Even Daxter suffered that fate.

Personally though, I think there's still a considerable amount of life in the Uncharted series. Saying that, I'd love them to pursue new IPs.

TrendyGamers2013d ago

They'll need a lot of shelf space for all those awards.

Foolsjoker2013d ago

I say they just tape them together into a mega-award.

Relientk772013d ago

They should give Naughty Dog a Platinum Trophy


toxic-inferno2013d ago

Tape them together? They should melt them all down, and build their new offices out of them.

dbjj120882013d ago

Yes, please start counting chickens before they hatch. Let's ignore six months of game releases.

Wedge192013d ago

To be fair, they didn't say they were excited to see the GOTY awards for their own game, but just to see the GOTY awards in general for games this year. At least that's what I took away from it while reading through. The title does make it seem a little cocky though.

showtimefolks2013d ago

The only game that could actually give them any sort of competition is GTA5, nothing else will be able to compete with LOU when it comes to GOTY awards

I still see LOU winning since GTA5 is another GTA and that's coming from a die hard GRA fan, most gaming sites will go for bioshock or LOU

noctis_lumia2013d ago

gta 5 is like u said ANOTHER gta with better graphics,new characters and the same quests just in another order

the last of us will get the most awards

The 10th Rider2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

If the next 3D Mario comes out this year it would be a serious competitor...The last two games in the series (SMG and SMG2) are both two of the most acclaimed games of all time ( ). The same thing is true for GTA, and the Last of Us is very close to being up there with both the 3D SM games and GTA. Between TLOU, GTAV, and the next SM game, it could be REALLY close.

Wedge192013d ago

Can we just have the GOTY awards right now? We all know it's a takeaway. Well ok... maybe not ALL of us... (Story Developing).

I would enjoy another Jak and Daxter game. I think the platforming genre is severely under-tapped recently. If anyone can resurrect a series right, it's ND.

Dissidia2013d ago

I think Knack will do a good job of revitalizing the genre as well, certainly looks promising.

TrendyGamers2013d ago

Yeah, Knack seems to be a decent platformer to hold us over for a while.

Why o why2013d ago

Beyond 2 souls may have a say in never know

LoveSpuds2013d ago

I am really excited to see Puppeteer, that looks like an awesome exclusive platformer too.

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