No, the Xbox One is not just like Steam

IncGamers presents: A handy guide for the confused about the differences between what Microsoft plans for Xbox One, and how Steam works today.

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greenpowerz2018d ago

"No, the Xbox One is not just like Steam"

Because it's MSFT right? LOL

Damage control spin.

BlueTemplar2018d ago

In a way - yes, but not the way you mean.

Steam = lots of sales and games at bargain prices.
Xbox games on demand = not so much.

The only person doing damage control round here is you.

JsonHenry2018d ago

Steam has an offline mode and promise in the user agreement that should steam ever stop being a service there will be the ability to DL your games and print them to disc so that you can play them later on any machine.

Also- If I own 10 games on steam I can be logged on to 10 different PCs and have a copy of each of the 10 programs running at the same time.

That is just the beginning of the difference between Steam and the X1.

turnerdc2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I never understand the whole "sales" argument. People argue that Xbox One violates consumer rights yet say it's OK for services like Steam because it has lots of sales and bargains. So basically what people are saying is that it's OK to take away consumer long as the games are cheap. If the issue is about consumer rights then you can't say one is alright because the games are cheaper. There are definitely other issues with Xbox One but to justify services like Steam solely because of price while damning the Xbox One is wrong.

HammadTheBeast2018d ago

Right here:

Angry Joe kills it, he makes so many good points which cannot be countered.

BattleAxe2018d ago

Also with Steam there is 99% backwards compatibility from one generation to the next, and no limit to how many PCs you can access your account from.

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zeal0us2018d ago

Well I can play my steam games for days before it needs to be reconnected to the internet. While only 24hours on the Xbox One. Not to mention Steam doesn't need access to my webcam to function. While the Xbox One needs Kinect for god knows what to function.

While Steam isn't used game friendly like the Xbox One, the sales and daily deal/weekly deals make up for it. Not to mention majority of PC games are cheaper than console games.

Well Steam doesn't have Live TV or can play movies, on or offline so I guess I'll give that one to MS :D

Somebody2018d ago

"Steam doesn't have Live TV or can play movies, on or offline"

Steam is on a why can't you watch a movie or TV from that PC? Do Firefox and Youtube or the good old old optical drive on the PC ring a bell?

zeal0us2018d ago

I know that silly but I had to let Microsoft win in one category.

RedHawkX2018d ago

Xbox one is a disgrace to gamers and anyone who purchase one is as well! There will be no one playing the xbox one come launch. It is over for M$. its time to let them go and move to better pasture. obtain redemption by realising ps4, wii u, pc, and handhelds are the better choice.

Narutone662018d ago

As long as PS4 and XB1 launched together, if you're a gamer, you know what you're going to buy. The reason the 360 sold so well was because it came out first.

a_bro2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

no, because Xbox DRM and Steam DRM are night and day. and the fact that Steam/Valve gives you incentives on why you should spend money on their service. you know, Steam Deals of the week/weekend....

now GTFO out of this site you corporate shill.

RM-TatoTiburon2018d ago

people should stop saying that the new marketplace in xbox one will not have any promotions like thing is games on demand (a service that doens't have all the games and almost nobody use it) and steam is another thing far away a massive service with a huge library

BlueTemplar2018d ago


How does that equate to the Xbox One marketplace getting Steam-like promotions?

Until MS say differently, all we have to go on is past experience... and past experience says it wont.

3-4-52018d ago

Steam offers games for 50-70% off literally every day.

I could have bought every star wars game on steam a few weeks ago for about $3.00 a game, as everything was selling for 70-80% off.

When xbox has a sale it's:

EX: Get this game that has been out for 5 years for 10% off and now it's only $40 online.

mmccarthy42018d ago

steam has offline mode lol

BlueTemplar2018d ago

@turnerdc above

I get what you're saying but the point I was making is that just because MS have gone down a similar route doesnt mean the two services are comparable - one has some benefits that other simply doesnt.

ABizzel12018d ago

The X1 is not like Steam, because there are benefits to Steam like "Steam Sales", PC games being cheaper than console games with and Steam games being cheaper than PC retail.

Boycott the Xbox 1 people, if you must buy it get the console used.

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LuditPRIME2018d ago

Steam until Half life 3 can seriously do one!

cyguration2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

FINALLY, a website that gets it!

I'm tired of shills trying to spread fud saying that the XB1 and Steam are the same.


Steam has competition from countless digital distributors. There is no competition for digital Xbox games. Microsoft controls the marketplace for their console.

You don't get mods, open platform convenience or the ability to backup and store your games or play backwards compatibility on the XB1. You can play ALL your games from any generation on Steam.

You can play your Steam games from any PC and from multiple PCs logged into a single account. You can't do that with the XB1.

Corpser2018d ago

Set Steam to offline mode

You can then play offline forever

Transporter472018d ago

Yeah you can, if you want a new game you log in to download it, besides that you don't need to be online at all to play single player games.

JackBNimble2018d ago

You can also trade games between friends= borrow or lend games. Although you do want to be careful who you trade games with if you ever want to see them again.

RiPPn2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Until Microsoft lets another retailer sell goods on their box, there is no comparison.

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