PS3: Not the Best Blu-ray Player You Can Buy

Dvdtown writes:

"A lot of debate is currently going on concerning the Blu-ray capabilities of the Playstation 3.

Many people (including myself) consider it one of the best Blu-ray options right now, perhaps only topped by the just-released Panasonic DMP BD30. The main reason for this has been that the PS3 is upgradeable to both Blu-ray profile 1.1 (Bonus View) and coming profile 2.0 (BD Live) and, of course, an attractive price tag compared to dedicated players."

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Silellak3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Yes, it is.

"Increasingly, the Blu-ray performance of the PS3 doesn't really stand up to videophile scrutiny. While its excellent clarity and fine detail reproduction is without question, motion is not the console's strongest point. Fast panning shots in Sony's own flagship 'Casino Royale,' are prone to stutter, whereas the company's own dedicated players render the same scenes perfectly. It is also prone to visual artifacts not seen on the latest dedicated players."

Doesn't matter. The ability to upgrade the PS3 via firmware to keep it competitive with other stand-alone Blu-ray players is far more important than picture quality.

Not to mention the other PS3 functions (beyond the obvious 'gaming' one) - memory card readers, web browser, Wi-Fi standard, hard drive, etc. True, these aren't specific to Blu-ray functionality, but they add more value to the overall package.

Still, nothing makes the PS3 more valuable than its upgradeable firmware. In the realm of Blu-ray players, this makes it nigh-untouchable, even if you disregard everything else.

I'm not a PS3 fanboy. I don't even own a PS3. Doesn't change the fact that if you want a Blu-ray player, the PS3 is the way to go for the foreseeable future.


decapitator3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Agree with you man but man you should know this was inevitable. Some people will downplay it whiles some others will think otherwise. PS3 is an AFW BD player/games consoles

PS:AFW = Awesome Facking Wowsome

EDIT: It seems I have a 'disagreeing' fan.. excellent.

Harry1903767d ago

this guy has the eyes of an eagle.
we mere mortals cannot compare
to a dvd expert who can spot a dead pixel
on a 150 inch tv.but i've not watched blu-rays on anything else than
the ps3.i may be wrong.

MADGameR3767d ago

Why post news that is old??

Cwalat3767d ago

Picture quality not so important ?

Seriously, the whole Full-HD fuzz is all about picture quality so if the PS3 has worse quality than others then i say its true that PS3 isn't the strongest Blu-ray player out there.

Thats not to say it can't be fixed, through Firmwire updates...
So if those things can be fixed then i say PS3 FTW, but if we are to compare the strongest and most expensive player to PS3 then PS3 still eats it with all the features coming in the future.

The Killer3767d ago

ps3 is playing movies more than just fine, and its always the fastest way to upgrade to the latest versions!!
and u can do much more things in it than any stand alone players!!
and the price of ps3 is the same or a little bit less than stand a lone players!!

Mr Playboy3767d ago

with the new FW 2.20

I think the PS3 is the best blu-ray player right now

Utalkin2me3767d ago

Just as everyone has said it was just to get blu ray in the home. Even if it doesnt perform well compared to standalone players. I have done already have said i wont buy another blu ray movie until the fix the chopping and stuttering and artifacts i get in movies. Well its a good thing they havent released anything on blu ray worth a crap in a while anyways.

MorganX3767d ago

It's not the best Bluray player, after all, it has no Dolby-MA and no bitstream output. But, those are audio/videophile feature. I mean, mainstream users don't buy high-end players with all of the high-end features. I want Dolby-MA bitstream or internal decoding. But the fact is, few if any movies that I have even have Dolby-MA. They are Dobly-TrueHD which the PS3 is certified for.

Dolby-MA is possible in firmware and by the time it comes, I may have some movies that use it. Is PS3 "the" top of the line best? No. Is it one of the very best yes. Will anyone else have one of the very best Bluray Players for $399? No time soon. When they do will it play PS3 games? Never.

So, PS3 is not the absolute best Bluray player, but is is a great Bluray player at a great price that comes with a PS3 Game Console w/Wifi for free.

gonzopia3766d ago

Right now the PS3 is the best value for money because of the ability to upgrade the firmware. In two or three years, when BD is more mainstream - go out and buy a standalone BD player if the PS3 playback bothers you that much.

barom3766d ago

honestly how much difference can you see? Personally I can barely see a difference between 720p and 1080p on a 37" HD TV.

I rather take the PS3 than a standalone blu-ray player any day. Simply because it has so many more features (divx, streaming off your pc, gaming, upgradeable firmware).

ravenguard883766d ago

"The ability to upgrade the PS3 via firmware to keep it competitive with other stand-alone Blu-ray players is far more important than picture quality."

You are obviously not a videophile, there is no such thing as a trade off and balance of video quality to them... They're the guys that say "Who care's about other features? I spent $6000 on a TV and $500 on a player, make it look as good as possible!"

For the everyday person, I guess it is important to have the firmware updates, but don't play it off like fact, it's only one mans opinion.

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You bought an Xbox3767d ago

For your Money
And Thers are bound to be better stand alone players but at what cost!!

But it could have been worse
You could have bought an Xbox Ha Ha !

Jack Meahoffer3767d ago

Could be worse... You could have a real online gaming experience for a dollar a week rather than having no in game chat and friend management. You could have online multiplayer work on day one like in Rainbow Six Vegas 2. You could be able to rent movies online... Could be able to experience the innovative 2nd person camera and cover mechanic of Gears of Wars more than a year before it was stolen by games such as Uncharted and GTA IV.

Yeah you're right could be worse... Its much worse to be you... A blind Sony nut swinging follower. Thats REALLY worse than owning an Xbox.

How about get a job so you can have both like me rather than having to beg mommy to buy you a stripped down 40gb PS3.

Jack Meahoffer3767d ago

Serious don't call it a come back cause your reply was lame.

Why not debate the issues? You're a typical Sony fanboy. Can't debate anything all you can do is call people names and yell RROD.

Fact is your future proof console STILL hasn't been able to copy basic features provided by the 360 on its launch day. PERIOD

When Sony finally copies these features then you can brag about features not related to games. Then you can brag about free online service. They should fix its obvious gaming related PROBLEMS first then worry about movie playback features.

The PS3 is a Bluray player first and game console second and its attach rates will always reflect that. Good thing Sony has alot of first party development cause they're going to need it 360 owns third party.

kornbeaner3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

the cover system found in Gears of War is just a more refined system of that found in a old PS2 game called "Killswitch". So to say it was stolen is an error on your part.

EDIT: Killswitch was a Multiplat game published by Namco, but the part of the cover system still stands.

iAmPS33767d ago

Panasonic DMP-BD30 : $549.00
PS3: $399.00

Hummm, and you still can play high def games on the PS3.
It might not be the better but is sure the best value.

I rest my case.


by microcrap ..i guess you bought an XBOT.......HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA and you bought a HD DVD player ...the add on ...HA HA HA HA HA HA ...your funny dude we could be blind sony fanboys but at least were smart...I think its time for an xbot upgrade to 720 bud...your system is already outdated

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ChrisGTR13767d ago

did everyone just get ripped off? mgs4 ps3 console owns everything. i want one!!

solar3767d ago

300 looks effing amazing on my ps3. im perfectly happy with its picture quality.

mighty_douche3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

ME to :)

One thing with 300 though (same on hd-dvd) that i dislike is the added grain, i know its there to give the movie a "dirty" edge but id still like it to of been an option.

And on picture quality, Id just like to say its better than anything you can download :P

solar3767d ago

hehe, i still your stab. crazy brit :P

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