Yoshida reveals Oreshika next.

A Vita RPG by Sony?

*Screenshot from previous PSP game, not PSVita game

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kalkano1750d ago

Japan only.

Why even mention it?

DivineAssault 1750d ago

I hope sony announces a whole bunch of localizations for all them great vita titles they have & are getting.. 2 more days until E3

yuuki1750d ago

i am sure here are some people who speak japanese.
but yes the chances of this getting a western release are tiny

GribbleGrunger1750d ago

Because the West isn't the only region that can read? And unlike most Western People, Japanese people are intelligent enough to learn another language?

My apologies to any of our Japanese brethren who might be reading this. We're not all that jingoistic.

sherimae24131750d ago

this game has a high chance to be localized, i can assure you that ^_^

besides the jp name for this game is
"ore no shikabane wo koete yuke"

but it was hinted to be titled as "oreshika next"
remember dynasty warriors next?

besides toukiden will be localized as "toukiden" here in the west no need to change the title if it will sound akward ^_^

Xof1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

This isn't a 3DS game. We totally have the option to import it.

EDIT: And holy crap, GribbleGrunger: this is the first time I've seen an honest-to-God Japanophile/actual-weaboo in years!

grimmweisse1750d ago

Some of us have learnt a second and even a third language. Stop being a twat! Must be hard to fathom people being more intelligent than you or speaking another language besides English!

kalkano1749d ago

Wow. Talk about overreaction. I said why bother, because it's an English site. I could never play a game, if I didn't know exactly what was being said.

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CrescentFang1750d ago

This game was announced at TGS of last year. Now I know Sony is known to not publish their own games outside Japan (Demon's Souls for a recent example) but any Japanese publisher would be hesitant to publish anything internationally if they weren't sure it would make profit. (Xenoblade and NOA for example)
The site Siliconera translated this series as "Over My Dead Body", questionable because Sony has never given it an official English language translation (for the title of the game, not the game itself) and the fact it's Japanese makes it possible for several translations.
The gameplay and mechanics looked interesting for the PSP remake and hopefully it makes it out of Japan.