The Throwdown #41

Happening At STFUandPLAY

•STFUandPLAY’s one year anniversary!
•Gamer Chat: Gameplay Or Story?
•Rachael hosts and posts Spoilercast #19. Writes Herculean BrBa Caps
•Microsoft Under Clocking Xbox One By 100-200mhz
•Konami Pre-E3 Event impressions

Featured Topic

•What we want/expect to see at E3 next week

Gaming News

•How games licensing works on Xbox One
•David Hayter is hating on Metal Gear Solid V
•Titanfall leak
•Sony to have over 40 games at E3
•Last Of Us reviews are stellar. MP details
•Dark Souls II coming March 2014. Getting Xbox exclusive content.
•Dark Souls II getting Xbox exclusive content
•Michael Pachter says PS4 will cost $349, Xbone $399

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JoySticksFTW2014d ago

Love the Throwdown

And that Warzone with the Throwdown crew, Doc Gamer, Megajack's awesome accent, Tony yelling over Jon Shaw, Tor seemingly not realizing the open mic while busting his kid, and Tor's long lost 15 year old dad showing up and cussing him out was glorious :D