Mobile gaming: Can it offer a console-quality experience?

Mobile gaming… it’s been booming lately. Thanks to the recent innovations in smartphones, which have brought us larger screens and faster mobile processors, game-developers have been able to offer much more compelling products for mobile than what was possible a few years back. Good-looking 3D games are now common on smartphones and tablets, and an increasing number of studios are turning to the mobile market as they find it a pretty lucrative source of income. As much as the guys from GamerDino would like to take mobile gaming seriously, though, it seems that there’s always that perception of mobile gaming as a casual activity. And, as we know, ‘casual’ has always been the complete opposite of serious gaming...

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Reborn1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )


The immersion you get from some console games simply cannot be felt on a bus trip to work, or from school etc. Even if it could, most of the people behind those games have the resources to produce that level of quality.

So like I said, nope. That's one reason it will never replace console gaming.

diablue1986d ago

I tend to agree. Somehow, the small screen and uncomfortable controls seem to get in the way of the epic experience you may otherwise get when playing at home, on a large TV and a quality audio system...