Furious Fourcast #5 - Pre-E3 Madness, Jack Bauer is Solid Snake

The fifth episode of Furious Fourcast comes in just after Microsoft makes a large number of announcements concerning how the Xbox One handles used games, multiple accounts, internet connection requirements and other details. In short, it's crazy and Robert, Scott and Adam jump right in to all that's bad.

It's not all Xbox One talk though as the trio discuss Konami's pre-E3 announcements including Keifer Sutherland as Solid Snake along with what they hope and don't hope to see at E3 next week. There's also some strange happenings with the Wii U Basic and a supposed recall.

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a_bro2015d ago

Jack Bauer is NOT SOLID SNAKE. he's big boss.

Shuyin2015d ago

Finally some1 who fucking understands and isn't ignorant!! One Love!

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TheDarpaChief2015d ago

Nice, Now we know what kojima meant by a new method of story telling (Facial expressions).

Hadoukameha2015d ago

Jack Bauer is some random bitch I do not give a shit about, who has done nothing I give a shit about. He is nobody.

OpieWinston2015d ago

First of all HIS name is Keifer Sutherland.

Jack Bauer is the character he plays on 24.

He's obviously not some random bitch.

W.E you're trolling, go home.

Hadoukameha2014d ago

He's just Jackoff Bear from "hurr24derp i like tv." David Hayter is Solid Snake, unlike that nobody who's only a somebody because of people like you.

And trolling? No, I am just a smartass with an opinion, grow up.

OpieWinston2014d ago


That's your reasoning? You're retarded...

So everyone has an opinion and you think it's okay to have a hateful ignorant opinion because you don't go outside or talk to anyone. I'm curious how do you not have any friends who watch 24?

trickman8882015d ago

Jack isn't Solid Snake you dolt of a submitter.