Gamespot: The Agency Q&A

The Agency is a new cross-platform Massively Multiplayer Online game coming to PlayStation 3 and PC from Sony Online Entertainment. While it may well be from the developers of Everquest, this MMO will swap the traditional swords, wands and shiny armour for automatic weapons, dry martinis and smart evening wear.

Gamespot recently got the chance to put some questions to Hal Milton, the game's lead designer, about how The Agency is shaping up. With so many MMOs aiming to topple World of Warcraft from its throne, they asked Milton about the team's long-term plans for the game, as well as how combat and non-combat operations will be handled.

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Violater3769d ago

GSUK: Will PS3 and PC players interact in the same world, or will there be platform-specific servers?

HM: The primary design concern with cross-platform play is to not water down the experience for one platform just to support both. We would love there to be interaction between PC and PlayStation 3 players, but we have not determined the feasibility yet. The deciding factor will be if we can make the game both fun and equitable between the two systems.

Sounds like it is still not worked out, will not bite until it is.

The Killer3769d ago

it will be the console for MMO, FPS, driving and many more!!
360 is famous of FPS but with killzone 2, resistance 2, haze, ps3 is taking the lead this year for FPS,

for RPG i wouldnt say so yet but when FF13 will come then it will,

action, well.... ps3 is full of action adventure games (MGS4 anyone?) also GTA4!