This Isn't The Trailer For The New Smash Bros. Game, But It Should Be

Kotaku - Okay, so this "trailer" for the new Smash Bros is not in any way real. But who cares about that? The sheer ridiculousness of badly rendered Smash characters is worth watching anyway; it's so silly.

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CaptainYesterday1990d ago

What the hell no it shouldn't...

ChickeyCantor1989d ago

yeah you kinda missed the sarcasm there..

Donnieboi1989d ago

Even though this is a joke video, the fact that Kotaku is giving it this much attention goes to show how little actual journalism Kotaku takes part in. They rarely break a new news story. I don't even know why we still approve 95% of their stuff (and the other 5% gets by just because they are opinion pieces).

gamer421990d ago

Bad CGI Shrek is the best Shrek.

kirbyu1989d ago

I was really angry because my dad made me shut off SMG2 because it was too loud, and this totally cheered me up.

omeGAMERcenary1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

You do know you can turn the television's volume down, right?

kirbyu1989d ago

This gives me an idea. You know how in Brawl you can do Giant, Metal, Fast, etc. In the new game, Glitchy should be an option. It makes it look like the game is glitching.

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The story is too old to be commented.