Microsoft doubles down on Xbox One policies

After Microsoft revealed the Xbox One for the first time last month, the internet swelled with rage. There was information floating around that this console was going to be anti-consumer. The word was that you’d need an internet connection. Used games would be a pain in the ass or maybe even impossible. Kinect was always monitoring you. None of the words were good though.

Microsoft was not pleased. Don Mattrick had just smiled his ass off for an hour on stage, dozens of Microsoft employees had clapped through the entire presentation, Steven friggin’ Spielberg just announced that Halo: The TV Drama would be on the Xbox One- and people were upset?! It was a PR nightmare.

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SpinalRemains2017d ago

The Xbox One is in an of itself, an exercise in irony.

You are essentially renting every single game that you purchase for the system, but you are stripped of your ability to rent games.

I hope this things crashes like a lead balloon and then a dog urinates all over it, because that's exactly what they are doing to all of us gamers with this.....THING.

This is the very first time in gaming history that the next gen is actually a step backwards and worse than its predecessor.

SONY PS4 for everyone.
Ppl in 3rd world countries or areas of poor infrastructure like to play games too, morons.

JoeReno2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

I agree whole heartedly. I work in Pasadena CA USA hardly a 3rd world country and we cant get a reliable ISP. I game at work on slow days but that would not be possible with the One (to avoid).

isntchrisl2017d ago

The Xbox One definitely has a very clear goal. And it doesn't include anyone that can't afford to feed Microsoft a lot of money.