AMD Possibly Unveiled Next Generation Radeon HD 8000 Series at E3 2013

AMD might possibly be unveiling their next generation Radeon HD 8000 series next week at E3 2013. AMD has stated this on their official webpage that they would be making their way at E3 2013 to showcase their latest innovations including their next generation devices.

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sinjonezp2019d ago

Rendering the ps4 and xboxone obsolete when they are released. Lol how fast it moves. Maybe ps4 and the xbox should have an expansion port like the n64 for minor upgrades.

SirBradders2019d ago

Maybe it will #youhearditherefirst

duplissi2019d ago

they are technically *already* obsolete. the flagship cards from nvidia and amd are already many times faster.

happens every generation, still people are surprised?

Letros2019d ago

Yea, AMD is having a hard time competing with Nvidias best offerings, the last time I remember AMD held the lead for so long was HD 5870 vs. GTX 280, because Fermi took so long...

zebramocha2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

@duplissi console are efficient so they get away with less.

duplissi2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )


well, yeah they dont need to be as powerful to create the same image as a pc. Thank less overhead and coding to the "metal" for that! imagine if we could get pc's to that point though?


I have a radeon in my system (gigabyte hd 7950) which I purchased because it was marginally better than a gtx 670 and much cheaper (there was a HUGE performance increase after the 12.11 catalyst drivers, did I say HUGE? I meant GINORMOUS. A simple driver update was what it took to make the 7 series competetive, and in some cases even better (than the gtx 600s)? Got to wonder what their engineers were doing for a year..... Im interested in updating to a 8970 depending on price/performance (rumored to be more powerful than a titan), however I am concerned that the early drivers may be all kinds of messed up...

its a game of tug of war between amd and nvidia.

blackmagic2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

But the console cpus, which were originally developed for kiosks, tablets and entry level laptops with only 0.5MB per core of cache, are very weak processors. The console gpus and cpus also have to share memory bandwidth, even for the PS4 it's a middling 176 GB/s of total bandwidth and the speed of the hard drive, likely only a 5400rpm laptop drive, is underwhelming. The performance of the GPU, even the ps4's 1.84 TFLOPS, is at the very bottom range of what any PC gamer would even consider today let alone by the end of the year.

Consoles are going to need every ounce of efficiency just to keep up with an entry level gaming pc of today let upcoming hardware.

Letros2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Well I was talking about top tier cards...

AMD tugs back but never for long, its good though, the fact that they are always fairly close is great for us gamers!

CaulkSlap2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

They certainly are. The only problem is that there's no games made that fully utilize that power. Just cranking up resolution and fidelity doesn't change the basic game. Most all games are now targeted at lowest common denominator of PS3/360 hardware. Even PC exclusives rarely require top of the line hardware. Once games are developed to PS4/XBO base specs things will be much improved. New console hardware is good for everyone and I think this is great specs for the $400 range.

NioRide2019d ago

Letros, Irionically the 7990 is better a good bit games over the Titan.

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JsonHenry2019d ago

As a PC gamer (mostly) I am excited about this generation of consoles. Our games are finally going to be optimized for the PC thanks to the fact both of the big two are using close to out of the box PC parts.

You think it runs good on the console? Wait to see how slick it runs on a gaming PC! Everyone wins this gen. (with the exception of the Xbox1 always online/drm crap)

3-4-52019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

@ sin Just because something is better, doesn't make everything else obsolete.

Everything else doesn't automatically become useless.

Not sure why people like you keep saying that.

* New car models were released this year, I guess EVERY Other car in the world is obsolete now according to your logic.

Nice troll

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TABSF2019d ago ShowReplies(1)
MajorLazer2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

I really need to upgrade my computer :( I have a damn dual core, with 786mb of usable ram and a SiS Mirage 3 integrated graphics

ChickeyCantor2019d ago

If I were close to your computer, I would have crucified it.

MajorLazer2019d ago

It's horrendous :L I bought it in 2005 and never upgraded since. It's so slow, I don't even use it. I use my S3 for browsing needs. It's hard though, being a student, because my budget is limited and splashing out on a PC is not my top priority, yet.

1886afc2019d ago

upgrade? you need to throw it away and start a new build.

Isis062019d ago

Well I would not call this a build.
What should we call it?

NarooN2019d ago

HD 8000 series is merely just a rebrand for OEM's. The next actual architecture (Volcanic Islands) will be HD 9000.

As for consoles being obsolete, lolno. In terms of horsepower, duh, but I don't even know why people even bother saying such ridiculously obvious things. I never bought consoles for graphics, I got them for exclusives, playing games with my friends in the same room as I, and convenience.

TABSF2019d ago

Nope you're wrong, HD 8000 will be a new series just like HD 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000

Just like every Series there will be OEM variants.

I get Consoles as well for exclusives if its justifiable to get 1 platfrom for a hand full of games.
I've got a PC because I can play all 3rd party games better than the console counter parts plus PC exclusives

Another thing, no backwards compatibility, I can play MS-DOS games on PC all the way up to Battlefield 3 at maximum settings, that's 20 years of backwards compatibility.

Oh and Steam destroys, PSN and XBL

fossilfern2019d ago

Hope they are new looking an excuse to upgrade my 6950

ZoyosJD2019d ago

A new series is a new series, but both the GTX700 and HD8000 series are rebrands of their predecessors with slight improvements.

The GTX800 and HD9000 series will be seeing a massive boost in performance as the chips drop down to the 20 nm process and they (or their successors) are likely to be the first to implement GDDR6.

Per example:

The 7970 is a 3.8 TFLOP card.
The OEM 8970 is 4.3 TFLOP card.
The 9970 is expected to be a 8.2 TFLOP card.

NarooN2019d ago

As has been said, the HD 8000 is just a rebrand with slight improvements.

I don't really care about backwards compatibility. That's why I simply keep my consoles. My PS3 can play all the PS1 games I have, and if I wanna play my PS2 games, I can either *gasp* put them in my PS2, or emulate them on my PC.

Yeah, PC (Windows) can run a lot of games, and a lot of the older ones will have a bunch of annoying-ass problems too. Such as you having to downclock your CPU because otherwise the game runs at 1.5x or 2.0x the speed its supposed to, or having to download fixed .exe's made by the community just for the game to work in a modern OS.

The only thing about Steam that's really cool is the constant sales they do. Otherwise, I don't think it "destroys" anything. I've had my Steam account for like 6 or 7 years now and I don't have a ridiculous amount of games. PC has a shitload of games, but many of them are pretty mediocre. That said, some of my favorite games ever are on PC, but that's just a given.

duplissi2019d ago

My pc has supplanted consoles as my gaming machine, and if the only games I get for ps4 will have naughty dog on the label I will be happy for that purchase.

ALLWRONG2019d ago

PC gaming has grown more popular recently.

LOL I wonder why?

NioRide2019d ago

Because many of the people who played games very hardcore during the ps2/xbox/gamecube era have grown up and have money to burn.

And most of them have a good bit of money to burn at that.

duplissi2019d ago

that they do. well i dont any more... its all in the computer. lol

hellvaguy2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

"And most of them have a good bit of money to burn at that."

Not just the "burning money" portion that is appealing about pc gaming. I also like the steam bargains, mmo's, and being able to customize my pc with neon lights, colors, and upgrade the parts when I'm ready to. Instead of just when console companies give the thumbs up in 7-8 years.

With that said, they all have their pros and cons. I like gaming on all systems, but I always want the lastest and greatest, so count me in for next gen console gaming too to supplement pc gaming.

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