5 Obscure Franchises that Need to Return If miracles really do happen, then why haven't these 5 obscure games been announced yet? Get working on them!

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Relientk771931d ago


Captain Qwark 91931d ago

would looooooooooooove to see medievil return

zerocrossing1931d ago

Dino Crisis
Breath of fire

Damn you Capcom... :/

CaptainYesterday1931d ago

Yes to all of those, wasn't there supposed to be a TimeSplitters HD Collection?

Capodastaro1931d ago

I would love a new TimeSpiltters that's for sure!

brianunfried1931d ago

I wouldn't consider TimeSplitters obscure. It was one of the most popular series on PS2.

zerocrossing1931d ago

That it was, still amazed it's not still going.

NarooN1931d ago

It had a cult following, but it wasn't popular enough to have a sequel created to TS: Future Perfect. The creators have said multiple times that Future Perfect didn't sell well enough despite getting critical praise, and in today's CoD-obsessed market, the game wouldn't be able to thrive (which is true).

Up_N_U1931d ago

I would say that gen not just ps2 it was on xbox and gamecube

Myst1931d ago

Seeing Cthulu's name makes me want to go back and read some more of H.P. Lovecraft stories on my Kindle. Anyway I would like to see a TimeSplitters.

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