No, Microsoft, I Won’t Buy Your Anti-Consumer, Super Restrictive Cable Box Accessory

The Vortex Effect: Your Xbox One, that massive box they expect folks to pay at least $400 for, has to connect to the Internet every 24 hours or else you can’t play a game on it. But you can watch TV or a Blu-ray. Some genius at Microsoft thought was a good idea, and other geniuses agreed.

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Relientk771896d ago

The title pretty much sums it up

HyperBear1896d ago

That's the new Xbox One tagline:

Welcome to Xbox One: The Anti-Consumer, Super Restrictive Cable Box!

MastaMold1896d ago

Gamers, you have the right to stand up and stomp on MS policies.

wagnus1896d ago

I came here with no intentions on reading the article but to see what people are saying lol.

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FrigidDARKNESS1896d ago

Who cares if you don"t buy it you won't be missed at all. Xbox one will sell hundreds of millions.

hadouken0071896d ago

this guys a lil pissy! hundreds of

ExPresident1896d ago

It will sell, and it will sell a decent amount of units, but it won't be because its some amazing piece of technology that does amazing it things. It will sell because people will not take the time to see what it is about, and in this case what it takes away from them, and purchase it on past experiences with the 360.

lomion51896d ago

I could not agree with you more sir. The average consumer is unlikely to do the research. Unfortunate, but true.

We all know that competition in the industry is a good thing, and based on that I would say that Microsoft and the Xbox need to succeed...but not like this. It cannot be like this.

StingerVE1896d ago

That's 100% not going to happen. Not even close.

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The story is too old to be commented.