IGN: Dr. Mario Hands-On

Tetris is still a few months away from hitting the WiiWare service, but Nintendo made up for the absence with its only game to launch with the service in Japan today: Dr. Mario and Virus Buster (for all the smarty pants out there, Pokemon Ranch is published by "Pokemon" in Japan, so it's technically not a Nintendo title).

Dr. Mario has been around for ages, so IGN will skip the detailed gameplay breakdown. As a quick "it's like Tetris except" recap, Dr. Mario is like Tetris except your goal is to eliminate colored bacteria from the play field by making them part of the chains and combos that you create using the capsules that Mario tosses at you.

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M_Prime3769d ago

I like teh fact i can send a VS ONLY copy to people.. thats so cool.. so i could buy the game and play with a buddy who doesn't have it.. awsome.. so no need for everyone to buy the game if they don't wanna!