Microsoft wants everything from the users

As we reported earlier, Xbox Wire (the news outlet for Xbox) has recently revealed new details about the Xbox One. And they’re not pretty.

The signs are pretty clear that Microsoft are trying to move away from building a good reputation with its most loyal fans, and are mostly looking towards the large, short-term profits coming from the mainstream. Will it pay off in the long run, though?

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dedicatedtogamers1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Microsoft's business model is the same as it has always been: draw blood from the stone. Instead of expanding their market with brand-new IPs (okay, they did have Kinect) or offering their customers more value, they try to get more money out of the same customers (Xbox Live Gold, DLC, increasing XBLG price, advertisements on the dash, etc).

Xbox One's business model is the logical extension of what 360 has been doing for YEARS. Draw blood from the stone.

febreeze11931d ago

I almost choked on my food! Best gif ever!

CaEsAr-1931d ago

They will never touch my money.

Lovable1931d ago

O RLY? They can touch my money, but they can't have it.

DJMarty1931d ago

Microsoft may WANT it, but they never get it off me.



ArnoldSchwarzenigra1931d ago

I always felt like Microsoft's Xbox One reveal was meant to be shown to its shareholders only.

o-Sunny-o1931d ago

They want your soul too.

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