Patch for Bully:Scholarship Edition on Xbox 360 Still Laden With Issues

Bully: Scholarship Edition was supposed to be a great chance of fans of the game to finally experience it in next-gen fashion. Unpredicted lock-ups and bugs that were undetected in beta testing surfaced in the game and Rockstar quickly worked to remedy the situation. Many reports claim that these issues still remain.

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taz80803622d ago

I applaud their quick reation time but to still have issues is a shame on their part. Rockstar has to get things in order before GTA IV hits the street.

drunkpandas3622d ago

It's getting very sad how many games are released with major problems, only to have the patch cause more problems. Developers need to really step up their QA

dachiefsman3622d ago

i just got done with this game playing with the patch....I still noticed frame rate would drop off...cut scenes would freeze up....hell one time the game completely locked up...

the game was still fun as hell to play, but i am surprised they released the game without SEEing these issues...

Cyan83133621d ago

Yeah I have this "old" (2 months atleast) arcade hdmi version, prob with the new motherboard. And it still locked up often enough to ruin it for me. And with no autosave it means playing half to 1 hour of game...