Official countdown for Playstation 4 design reveal at E3

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: See it First at E3. PlayStation 4.

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Wintersun6161843d ago


I'll have to wake up at 04:00 to watch it live but it's just a few hours before I go to work so it's ok, just have to go to bed earlier.


Bookmarked here too, I can't wait!

abzdine1843d ago

oh man i got goosbumps by looking at this timer! i am so hyped.

thechosenone1843d ago

Oh man I got wood by looking at that timer! I'm so excited right now.

nosferatuzodd1842d ago

Indeed i just bookmarked it has well

SolidStoner1842d ago

ok... dont bookmark it anymore... or the server will be overloaded... Me and other who bookmarked it might get connection issues! :D just kidding, I think there will be huge amount of sites showing it live + internet is becoming more and more like TV.. with more Live shows!

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Arai1843d ago

Here's a timetable for this event and all others:

Wintersun6161843d ago

Thanks, that's a lot easier than juggling between what time they're at PDT and converting that to EEST.

JAMurida1843d ago

MS's conference must be long or something, thanks for the link though man.


Great! thanks man, been looking for timetable like this.

+1 Bubble for helpful!

AlaaAlii1843d ago

Aaaaaand he leaves out the Middle East time.

@JAMurida, they're not one after the other.

Duration of conferences:
Microsoft: 1.5 hours
EA: 1 hour
Ubisoft: 1 hour
Sony: 2 hours
Nintendo: no idea.



use EEST, it's the same.

mediate-this1842d ago


wood from a video game console... okay?

killacal131842d ago

It is coming, when an xboy sees the timer its heart stops, like mice flee in terror from a python.

pody1842d ago

But it's so tiny... :/

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CaEsAr-1843d ago

Sleep is for the weak!
Glad I've two final exams tomorrow so I can relax for the real show, HELL YEAH

Why o why1842d ago

Good luck. Hope the learnt knowledge you've stored flows freely.

Tultras1842d ago

I have my Alevels exams on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday... the exact dates for the e3 conferences..


CaEsAr-1842d ago

@Why O Why
Thanks bro, that's one very nice wish.

darren_poolies1842d ago

I'm from the UK and have an exam on the Tuesday morning but I'm just going to sleep Monday day so I can stay up and watch the conference haha.

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s8anicslayer1843d ago

soon pre orders here in the states will commence..can't wait!

mantisimo1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

@ S8
Might make for grim reading, here in the uk the xbone is outselling the ps4 on amazon.

I know you can cancel preorders but People obviously either havent heard about whats going on or aren't waiting for clarification of the different minuses already muted by Ms.

On topic will be a very interesting e3 all round.

mochachino1843d ago

Just checked, PS4 is at number 4 and x1 at number 5 in top 100 best sellers on

mantisimo1842d ago

@ mocha
Where did you look it still shows it the other way round to me ?!?

kneon1842d ago


I guess it's all the chavs, can't really expect them to know better.

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AlaaAlii1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

I'll have to wake up at 5. Actually, I'm thinking of watching all the E3 conferences, starting with Microsoft at 8:30pm. So 8:30pm til 7am...then work at 9am.

CaEsAr-1843d ago

It's going to be a long night then bud. Stay strong lol

ZodTheRipper1842d ago

I did this last year but in the end, only Sony's was worth staying up the whole night. This time I can't watch any of them due to finals but I might watch at least Sony's (and M$ for the lulz) on Youtube.

TBONEJF1842d ago

sad I'll be working all day and MISS EVERYTHING :(

cannon88001842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

My anus is ready.

Kaz I'm ready for a Kaz Hirasm.
Hirasms, Hirasms everywhere.

nosferatuzodd1842d ago

Check this out for the guy who said xbone
Is out pre ordering ps4 don't know what you're
Looking at check this link if you want to know ps4
Is out pre ordering xbone 2. To one in uk
But don't take my word for it look

3-4-51842d ago

The only thing better than this E3 is when the games shown are released and we get to play them.

For now though, this is the best week in about 8 years for the gaming industry.

Karpetburnz1842d ago

Of course staying up all night is worth it for Sony, I can wait to indulge in the greatness that is the PS4 and our loving community, Thank you Sony for showing us the way. God bless you.

The loving way is the Sony way.

latincooker2141842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

yo karpetburnz;) Amen to that my Playstation Brother. PS4 FTW:)

SheenuTheLegend1842d ago

the biggest moment of my life is gonna restart, lol

SheenuTheLegend1842d ago

why the disagrees, i mean its coming again 4th time...
sorry if i failed to explain

Tony-Red-Grave1842d ago

I'll never stop gloating about this. E3 IS ON MY B-DAY!!!!

i'll be watching E3 whilst celebrating :D and hopefully eating chocolate ice cream cake

NumOnePS3FanBoy1842d ago


Syntax-Error1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

I think most people won't buy one until 2014 anyway. This generation has way too many solid titles to hold you over. They are releasing both consoles at the end of the year when Ghosts, BF4, Watch Dogs, GTA5, BlackList, and Beyond Two Souls is getting released. I can't see the numbers there when 360 and PS3 are very strong right now. They should have waited for 1st Quarter of 2014 for a release. At that time they would have a stronger lineup of launch titles.

Monkeysmarts1842d ago

Of course more people are going to buy them next year... they can't meet demand for the holiday season.

LackTrue4K1842d ago

very nice!!! i get to watch it at 6pm....lucky me, that's my beer time to!! :D

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coolmast3r1843d ago

Oh, that's gonna be a sweet day. Can't wait till it starts.

ANIALATOR1361843d ago

2am. Gonna be shattered in the morning

n4g_someone1842d ago

Goog Luck, good luck man.

madduey1842d ago

Hit the disagree as I was scrolling through comments! Sorry lol

cannon88001842d ago

Don't worry, it'll be worth it, even if you lose your job the next day. I kid I kid!

Sevir1843d ago

Can't wait. 2 hours long. I am beyond excited for E3 This year!