Xbox One, discs, and downloads: Better than feared, worse than hoped

Arstechnica- After at least a year and a half of constant rumors, we finally have concrete answers from Microsoft on how its next console will handle used games, Internet connection requirements, and more.

The era of console games being primarily tied to cartridges or discs is indeed over, as Xbox One discs will now be little more than a vestigial form of offline game distribution, a mere means to get initial code onto the hard drives and linked Xbox Live accounts from which they will actually run. The changes Microsoft is making to adjust to this new era show just how tricky the challenge is in threading the needle of user and market expectations.

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xHeavYx2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

I honestly don't know what MS is trying to do here, looks like they totally lost it

MastaMold2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Gamers, you have the right to stand up and stomp on MS policies.

NatureOfLogic2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Just come out and say it. Xbox one is an horrible ideal and It's what most were expecting after most rumors, the ones most fans blindly denied. Now they're having a hard time excepting the the realisation of the situation.

JokesOnYou2015d ago

First headline I've read in a long time that explains exactly how I feel.

Ray1862015d ago

When the MS presentation at E3 begins they should be greeted with at least 5 minutes of sustained Booing. Don't let their employees fake out the viewing audience with their fake cheering and exuberance like they did at the reveal.

Let MS know exactly how you feel. I really hope that there is a live twitter feed.

mega312015d ago

You will be booing, but trust me, the developers and Publishers, they will be cheering, this time their employees wont need to fake out, the Developers will do it for them.

Saving money, this is what they have always wanted. Say what you will, it is totally evil i COMPLETELY Agree, but you cant do anything sooner or later, Sony will do the same.


Rainstorm812015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

I dont think people like you realize how this will hurt the industry....possibly no renting games so no try before you buy, possibly i can lend someone a disc without also having my gamertag on their console of i can let them borrow it if they are on my friend list for more than 30 days and i can only do it once?!

Whats going to end up happening is peoople will buy even less games next gen...MS is going to kill off impulse buys

mega312015d ago

I understand whats going to happen, but none of us can stop it, sooner or later, PS will do the same, and i realize how this will hurt US, not the industry, itll hurt blockbuster, Gamefly, and other renting game places, but it wont hurt the developers and publishers.

Im just saying Microsoft wont be the only ones, soon others will follow, look at sony and their PS vita memory card thing, you cant use that memory card until its wiped, u cant borrow a persons game and plug that memory card into another PS Vita device, so technically this is already happened, sony is using it on the vita

Rainstorm812014d ago

Sorry mega you can trade in rent and lend vita games..having to delete a memory card and not being able swap hames freely are ti totally different. ...What the X1 is doing is unprecedented

airgangstarr2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

ok so if u can buy the games digitaly straight of ur xbox then why dont we get the games at the cost of say what gamestop pays there not payin 60 bucks a game so cut out the middle man an give us the savings theres no point in buyin a physical disk for what? jus to download to ur hard drive...ive been a xbox supporter since they dropped the first xbox but they can kiss my ass!!!!

Allsystemgamer2015d ago

I agree. I've always been an Xbox guy even though I own a ps3 (just got last of us today!) but m$ is losing it. 500gb is not going to be enough. Not only that all there restrictions and big brother buissiness.

mega312015d ago

I think your forgetting you can store games into the cloud, so technically its enough.

I THINK thats their plan, im still confused

Transporter472015d ago

Look at the bright side if you don't log online you still have a Bluray/DVD player ; )

Eldyraen2015d ago

Also get a snazzy voice activated remote control--will be a blast when someone is gaming and someone else comes into the room. Its been alluded that it can identify specific people somehow so hopefully when playing you can lockout other people from Kinect control (voice recognition or even body scale--depending on just how advanced it is).

I kind of like the entertainment aspect of it but still won't be why I would buy one. Never bought original Kinect for same reason. Sometimes tech isn't with it to me even if it "could" be cool.

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