The Risk of XVersus

RPGamer: "Let's pretend for a minute that Square Enix does announce Final Fantasy XVersus -- a game fans have been looking forward to for seven years. A game that has seven years of baggage, seven years of hype, and seven years of fan expectations behind it. This game had better be exceptional. Not just 'great except for a few minor flaws,' no, it has to blow people away and with more than just fancy cutscenes. For fans who stayed the course, analyzed every trailer, nitpicked every off-screen screenshot, and even bought the Noctus perfume, the expectations for Versus are immense. The game is on a pedestal so high that the chances of it meeting the expectations of the fanbase are near impossible."

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abzdine2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

i seriously dont care about this game anymore. they say something about it it's good they dont it's all good as well!

maybe it's the 360 game microsoft has been talking about? let's see

booni32013d ago

This Versus game does not exist and they'd do well to stop chasing fairy tales! There are too many real games coming out to keep fantasizing about some mythical Final Fantasy Versus unicorn. Enough!

knifefight2010d ago

You're not the only one. This references people who feel the exact same as me and you:

Our feelings are pretty widespread. I get the feeling like there's a lot riding on this game.

Programmers and designers don't work for free. The years of work on this game have run its budget sky high and it needs to sell a boatload to break even at this point. But can it?

DEATHxTHExKIDx2013d ago

Well it looks like its a step in the right direction tho.

Roper3162013d ago

it's Final Fantasy Versus XIII, not FF XVersus. How can I take anything the author says seriously if he doesn't even know the real name of the game?

arronax-12013d ago

he should at least spell it right.

Ilovetheps42013d ago

I think they were kinda merging Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Versus into one name because of the recent rumors that Versus will be renamed XV.

wishingW3L2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I'm gonna be so disappointed when e3 comes up and the next-gen FF game they teased at the PS4 conference is not Versus. ;(

Enemy2013d ago

It has to be Versus. Sony's probably helping with funds to finish it since it was supposed to be PS3 exclusive worldwide. My guess is that development was moved to the PS4 2-3 years ago. Square-Enix will be at Sony's conference and this is probably the reason.