LocoCycle - Xbox One Announcement Trailer

The announcement trailer of LocoCycle for the Xbox One.

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OlgerO1748d ago

Holy shit an indie game for the xbox one that puts the counter at 40 against 1

GameCents1748d ago

Twisted Pixel doesn't qualify as indie anymore. It's owned by Microsoft

HammadTheBeast1748d ago

I'd hope they improve. The texture quality is terribad.

callahan091748d ago

I honestly thought that the 3D graphics were still part of the same joke as showing 2D graphics right after saying it's coming to the most advanced console ever.

But then... the graphics didn't get better. What the hell? The graphics don't even look current-gen, much less next-gen.

grassyknoll1748d ago

One of the 15 exclusives. Fantasia being another one & Titanfall (which uses the Source engine). Very disappointing lineup on top of everything else.

Gildarts1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Nope the 15 Xbox One exclusives are for Xbox One and Xbox One only.

This game is a XBLA game(hence poor graphics) and is also coming to 360.

Fantasia is also coming to 360 so that doesn't count either and also Titanfall is for PC and 360. So that doesn't count either. (I wouldn't mind if it did. The concept sounds awesome so far)

Forza 5
Fable 4 (job listings)
Crackdown 3 (Agility orb at Xbox One reveal)
Killer Instinct 3 (renewed trademark recently)
Project Gotham 5(renewed trademark)
Quantum Break.

That is the list so far.

jonboi241748d ago

I'm not sure they specifically meant 15 exclusives for XBO only. I believe they said "15 exclusives coming to the XBO" but never specified it would be only on XBO. With next gen where bound to see a lot of cross gen titles but again I could be wrong.....

LuditPRIME1748d ago

finally someone on here with sense!

ExPresident1748d ago

Interesting, so Microsoft and its fanboys will no longer count the XBox only titles that appear on PC as Exclusives?

Not calling you a fan boy.

HammadTheBeast1748d ago

Actually, it does mean EXCLUSIVE on that list.

Otherwise, Xbox 360 would've had half its exclusives cut down because of PC ports.

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aviator1891748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

the 15 exclusives are for xbox one only.
phil spencer has already confirmed that detail over twitter.

here ->

I posted this fact in a previous comment and got two disagrees for some odd reason..but there it is.

Shadonic1748d ago

at least its almost on par with COD Ghost

HammadTheBeast1748d ago

I see no fish. I see no doggy.

Lococycle gtfo

grailly1748d ago

I'm actually wondering if this is the first in-game footage we've seen from x1...

1nsomniac1748d ago


Is this genuine or is it a joke?

grailly1748d ago

twisted pixel is a talented game studio, and this is a smaller title if you couldn't tell. it's comparable in scope and quality to what sony gets from housemark.

1nsomniac1748d ago

The whole thing looked like a joke to me. Whether it is or not, from that video its certainly nothing to be shouting about.

grailly1748d ago

I thought it was more of a joke when it was first announced, it was at last year E3 panel and was the only announced game besides halo4 (if i remember correctly)

bub161748d ago

xbone has a game!! : O

blackthorn51747d ago

@ bub16 #5 immaturity detected and confirmed!

bub161747d ago

I guess you work for Microsoft?