The Evilness of XBOX ONE, illustrations and memes

A collection of some of the best illustrations and memes expressing dislike and frustration over Microsoft's persistent online requirements, digital rights management, used games policy and Kinect requirements.

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M-M2016d ago

Seriously, Microsoft should be embarrassed. I have never seen any console or major product reveal that's had this kind of backlash.

gamesR4fun2016d ago

lol lets hope all the hate will get ms to drop the bs but I doubt it sigh

too bad I was hoping for a return to the original xbox now that was a great console

MikeyDucati12016d ago

I was wondering when Hal was going to be put on there. So iconic...

Daves2016d ago

I kinda feel sorry for them. But shall be happy for me when I buy a PS4.

Perjoss2016d ago

I remember when Gabe Newell made a comment way back about the PS3 and how Sony should just scrap the whole thing and take it back to the drawing board. Well this is exactly how I'm feeling about the Xbox One now. I'm still half expecting someone important at MS to make some kind of announcement like this "just kidding guys, everything that we've revealed so far about the One is just a huge joke, I mean who would actually release a console like that, lol" But I get the feeling they are serious :(

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