Relax, the game industry isn’t dying, it’s just changing

The PA Report: "It can be tough to feel good about the video game industry; especially when we read about layoffs every week, company closures every month, and beloved companies struggling to make a profit all year long.

But at the same time we know that gaming has expanded its borders to include more of the rest of the world, and we know that there are many companies innovating and making large sums of money, even if it's hard to track how much in the new digital world. Is this industry booming? Or is it busting? Depending on what day of the week it is, it can seem like the former, the latter, or both at the same time."

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Muffins12232014d ago

Meh yor over hyping it....

DxTrixterz2014d ago

He's right. It is going into worse.

Mr_Nuts2014d ago

Remember when DLC was first introduced and most of us thought "How can this be change gaming for the worse" when we had some articles stating that developers would get greedy with the idea....look what happened.

We went from massive, well though out expansions to crappy not so good DLC.

Hell look at the difference between Oblivion's Shivering Isles to Skyrims Dawnguard or Dragon Born...they aren't on the same level of awesomeness are they

SilentNegotiator2014d ago

Publishers are making stupid decisions and keep putting the blame on consumers. We're not heading in a good direction.

dedicatedtogamers2014d ago

Every time I see people say "chill out" and "relax everything is fine" I think of this:


Majin-vegeta2014d ago

Yea,to something we don't want.

DxTrixterz2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Ever since the beginning of gaming industry we were able to sell, share,rent and borrow games. That is like 40 years and now out of sudden you pretty much not allowed to do anything. If this is the direction of gaming industry (DRM,forced online blah blah blah) I would rather want gaming industry to be dead than being the way it is going right now. It is definately going for worse. Remember guys 7th generation of consoles is the last good one, now it all goes to hell.

MysticStrummer2014d ago

@DxTrixterz - It depends on how weak minded people are...

Ok you're right. The good times are over.

PANTHER10302014d ago

Oh sure, relax! this is the same that I said to my girlfriend...and now she is pregnant =O

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